room for two : cot bunks

posted on: Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Do your wee ones share a space? How do you arrange it?

Would you consider popping a cot under a bunk? Or even building your own cot bunk?

The preschooler and lady share a tiny room, and they're even more squished in there now that the lady is out of her hammock and in a cot (the cot and bed sit side by side with a little chair separating them).

So what to do? The clean, Nordic style crib under loft bed (top) definitely appeals, but alas, I don't think we don't have enough room. I love the creative use of space by Jordan on Oh Happy Day, (second from top) but as she points out it may be tricky ensuring the suspended cot is safe enough. This nifty convertible BunkCot from Shanticot might be a safe, ready-made solution. It's available in white from boohoobaby in the UK and in natural beech from Island Edge in Australia.

Would you use a cot bunk? Have you built your own? Would you like to? I'd love to hear!


  1. I need one of these, the third pic is what I was planning to do.

  2. What a fantastic idea! We have just put bunk beds up for our boys and they are great. Only concern was the youngest has just turned two, so we've put a single bed alongside the bottom bunk, to avoid any falling out of the bed. It works well, but it's bulky. Having a cot underneath the top bunk would be a perfect solution for so many families, especially with limited room space, so simple and clever xo

  3. This is such a timely post because we are renting and we need to do this exact thing - a cot under a raised bed for them to both have room. Glad to see I am not crazy for considering this option.

  4. Hello. I love this one :o)

    1. ooh, love that. the baby might fall out though ;)

  5. The top bedis most airy of them all. Making bunk beds can be a pain so we just use a doona and bottom sheet here. I love kids sleeping in the same room. It gives them a lot of security and closeness when they are young. Those per sleep chats in the dark are priceless!

    1. the teen has a loft bed and he totally does not make it. doonas and bottom sheets for sure.

  6. What about the Ikea loft bed with your cot underneath? Just a thought. Saying that we have bunk beds for the older two and they are so hard to make!! So I just don't :)

    1. Or even better the bunk bed, just don't use the slats in the bottom, so you can pop the cot underneath. Then can still use the bottom as a bed later on.

    2. definitely like the idea of the bunk with the cot underneath...there's also the kura at ikea:

  7. I love that double decker bed. When I was a kid I was always longing to have my own space and I wished my parents bought us this bed, but they never :( This is such a cute room design. I´m excited to design for my future baby.

  8. We have 4 kids sharing one smallish room and it is squashy. We have a bunk bed and 2 cots in there. There is no room for a cupboard so the wardrobe is in the living room. Not ideal but it's working out OK. I like the idea of a cot under an elevated bunk but surely there would be a way to turn a bottom bunk bed into a cot by adding side rails. I think that would be the best solution as it would free up floor space and also mean that as the children grew you wouldn't need to kit the room out again.

  9. Ha!!!
    Exactly our problem! Child is almost five years and baby six months. And the room is too small for a regular bunk bed!

    But we still refuse to be defeated and move to suburbia!
    Even in new apartment buildings in the city the kids rooms are small like rabbit cages. Why is that?

    Thanks for trying to find a solution ;)

  10. cool cots aside, i love the cloud sheets!

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