room for baby : somewhere over the rainbow

posted on: Friday, August 10, 2012

Nicole from Little Liberty created a rainbow wonderland fit for a little king.

A felt freckle ottoman and rug inject the space with a playful warmth.

Nicole said, "My favourite look for a babies rooms at the moment is this one I just completed -- it's multicoloured and fun which I think gives off a fresh modern feel. The room evolved after I purchased the striking Taj Mahal like castle decal - after that I had free reign with colors and decided that the felt freckle rug and pouf were a must. I had so much fun choosing other pieces for the room after that because brights 'are so hot right now'. My favourite finds are the top hat/moustache mobile above the cot, pencil clock (made from real pencils!) and the green fox pillow on the red chair."

The moustache and top hat mobile makes a quirky, decorative statement above the cot.

A wooden shelving unit with space for display and doors for storage is the perfect place for fun finds.

Starburst patterns repeat in the whimsical multicoloured pencil wall clock and sun decal. 

Thanks for sharing your latest creation Nicole! You can check out more of Nicole's work at Little Liberty


  1. OMG- the freckle rug and pouf are amazing! I am obsessed with them! So fun!

  2. What is not to love in this room ! I love it all! The pouf, the fox pillow... fabulous!!!

  3. The freckle rug and the ottoman are just beautiful! I really like them and would love to get them for my Bubby but my Hubby is convinced they are too feminine!

  4. I love this space! Lucky Asher :)

  5. Fantastic design! Though I have to admit that designer's referring to one of the world architecture's wonders, famous Russian St. Basil Cathedral, symbol of Moscow, as "Taj Mahal like castle decal " was quite surprising, considering that Taj Mahal looks nothing like St. Basil cathedral.

  6. Seriously, your rug looks like scattered candy balls and those drawings on the wall looks great. Everything is so well coordinated.

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