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posted on: Thursday, August 2, 2012

Did you think the Brady girls' room was just super too?

I loved racing home from school to watch the apple pie lives of The Brady Bunch family play out against a backdrop of bright green AstroTurf and faux wood panelling. And of course the Brady girls' room was the first on-screen kid's space I adored. All that carefully coordinated pink!

Fancy recreating the space that was home to Marcia's heartbreak, Jan's jealousy and Cindy's pouting? These 5 tips will get you well on the way:

1. Pink was the colour of the day in the earliest Brady girls' room. You might like to try the shade 'Birthday Candle' by Porter's Original Paints for painting the doors, window frames and cornices. 

2. Papering the walls, or even just one feature wall in vintage daisy paper will provide a genuine '70s mood. You might like to try '70s wallpaper in pink and white from Rico Bel on Etsy, or vintage daisy wallpaper in pink, blue and yellow from Kitschy Koo Collage.

3. Nothing says the '70s like a chenille spread. This pink and white beauty from Vintage Retrievers is a wonderful complete piece. You can also find a nice array of chenille spreads and fabrics at Sleeping Cat Cottage

4. I never realised before that the Brady ladies were uke fans but their dresser d├ęcor holds the proof. You can choose your own at

5. Complete the Brady look with an outfit fit for "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia" using this 1960s Butterick pattern from Miss Betty's Attic. If (like me) your sewing skills are somewhat lacking you might like to use the skills of someone like Faithworks4U who specialise in making girls vintage style dresses.

You can relive more fun Brady moments at A Very Brady Blog.

Did you have a favourite TV kid's room? I'd love to hear!


  1. Love this post Bron and love you picking for putting together a room based on the Brady girls' one! I was a huge fan of the show growing up too :) That bedspread has definitely caught my eye. Hope all is well with you and your cherubs x

  2. Never mind "relive"...
    Bron, I still watch The Brady Bunch
    after Happy Days that is!
    Go the old 70's shows, still the best.
    Love your work as always!

  3. We are still living with the Bradys. I want their house and lamps and kitsch-en. I just never understood why such a wealthy architect didn't put in another couple of bedrooms. Mine all love it, even the sophisticated high schoolers! Just recently we witnessed the momentous painting over the wallpaper of the girls' room. Of course the whole family pitched in- just like in real life (not)!

  4. I only love their room as an adult. I especially love the cat poster. Marcia was so sulky at times.

    I get a lot of now-a-days I watch the Bradies for the architectural and design thrill as well as for Miks's parenting direction. I get a lot from the speeches he gives the kids.

  5. I also loved the Brady girls room. Although, like Annie, I wondered why they had 3 kids in a room and had to share the bathroom with the boys! Fabulous blog! Thank you for including my bedspread.

  6. Yes, yes I did indeed think the Brady girl's room was super. I LOVED that show... thank you for the walk down memory lane this evening, takes me straight back to my fond childhood days watching The Brady Bunch before dinner each night xo

  7. Oh my gosh, I've always loved their room too! I remember longing for a jack-and-jill styled bathroom ever since I first saw one on this show....I was probably only 10-11 yrs. old. ANyway, great post. Love love love that classic 70s style, even if a lot of it was loud, to me it speaks family and relaxed fun.

  8. Great Post! I started watching this show when I was about 3! My dad says I called it 'the Rady Punch'. Actually I remember going next door to Dan Pretty's families house to watch it on their tv(funny since I know you are friends with DP).I will always love the decor of that house/set because it takes me back to good times.

  9. I loved the wallpaper in the girls room during season 1 and 2, when the doors were painted orange and also the matching flower print draps and bed skirts.


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