fun stuff : cakies A-frame tent

posted on: Friday, August 31, 2012

Even though it's still a few months until the lady's first birthday (and I'm certainly not wishing those precious baby months away!) I've started thinking up ideas for her first celebration. I'm not the craftiest mama in the club but I am hoping to create a little picnic party in the park (this same park that we celebrated the preschooler's 3rd birthday at) with patchwork picnic blankets, light and fluffy cakes and maybe even an A-frame tent for the littles. I love this one that Rubyellen made for her girls.

Do you have any birthday planning coming up? Do you have any tips for tent making or birthday planing? I'd love to hear!

A-frame tent as seen on cakies.


  1. I loved that park picnic! I'm sure you'll come up with something great for your little lady's bday! Wow, one year so soon!

  2. This tent is so cute. I am just starting to think about what to do for my little ones 2nd birthday, at the moment im thinking of a toy story theme as he's obsessed with buzz. A picnic party sounds so sweet and cute maybe you could make some tissue paper pompoms to hang from trees.I did a kind of zoo animals 1st birthday for mine and i made his birthday cake and lots of cup cakes and we had fire works. As his birthday isn't till late november its not really the right weather to have a outdoor party. Im sure you'll get very excited planning all the little details xx

  3. A lovely idea Bron. I'm sure your effortlessly chic
    'way' will create something beautiful! I adore this tent - divine x

  4. It is easy and cheap (less than 25$) to make a tent.
    I made one for my baby girl...fine, it was for me.
    My toddler loves it! I just added ribbons at the bottom of each "legs" (just like on your picture) to add more stability.

  5. I saw this, so sweet! Ben and I are going to make one for phiney for Christmas I think. Love it x

  6. That is so bizarre Bron because the invites I've just designed for Sophie's 1st birthday in October (I'm trying to be super-organized) are for a picnic party in our backyard :) My vision is for gingham, picnic rugs, bunting, jars of daisies and baskets but am still trawling Pinterest for ideas. I've seen those A-frame tents above before and they look great and not too challenging to whip up... x


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