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posted on: Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Photographer James Mollison travelled the globe to capture images of the first places we call home: our childhood bedrooms.

10 year-old Juan David's room in Brazil.

Mollison was both fascinated and saddened by the contrasts he documented and has presented his photographs of the children in portrait style shots alongside their rooms in his book, 'Where Children Sleep'.

 Four year-old Jazzy and her room in the USA.

You can read about James Mollison's thoughts on his project in this Huffington Post interview and buy your own copy for $24.30 AUD from Fishpond or $19.80 USD from Amazon.

All photographs by James Mollison from his book, Where Children Sleep. Top image: four year-old Kaya's room in Japan. 


  1. Strangely, Juan David with hie unsealed tin roof , seems to have the coolest room with the most normal pastimes and less visits to a counsellor when he grows up. The best lesson in this book might be "less is more"!

    1. very possibly annie. I love juan david's space, especially his name in cut-out letters at the top :)


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