room for kids : made in sweden

posted on: Monday, July 30, 2012

Eep! I was perusing the always beautiful bleubird blog when I came across the bright rooms in this little abode, which is currently for sale in Sweden. Isn't it gorgeous? So light and modern with perfectly balanced interior styling. Not to mention those delicious chalk white floors.



  1. Yes, I saw this the other day and just loved it. Wondering why this type of abode always seems to reside in Sweden? :)
    Ronnie xo

  2. WOW! Love those floors as well! Pinning this for sure!!

    BTW, Bron, not sure if you have seen the new blog yet?!? Would LOVE to feature your Mini Fashion Plates (Preschooler & Miss Thang) if you have time to share some pics with me!

    Here my post from today...

  3. what a gorgeous place. The piano, chairs, that baby bed!!!! And of course the white and light! Thanks, Bron.

  4. I came over from planet baby. Love those white floors- wonder how they would hold up with 6 kids?

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