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posted on: Monday, July 23, 2012

Do you prefer a more sophisticated look in the nursery? Opting for neutrals is an easy way to create a refined feel and keep a consistent colour scheme throughout the entire home.

Realistically it might be hard to get away with a neutral palette when the wee ones reach toddlerhood, but in the early days most babies are happy with minimum extras.

And selecting one feature item like an oversized stuffed animal, can bring a fun, playful presence to a nursery corner while keeping the scheme clean. 

You can see more of Robyn and Joe's nursery (and their cute maternity shoot) on On to Baby. Do you prefer keeping a uniform theme throughout your interior space? Or are you more of a colour junkie? I'd love to hear!

All images by Studio 1208 Photography.


  1. what a beautiful shared space for parents and baby. while I'm not a fan of neutrals, this space is very calming and neither adult, nor child specific, a lovely mesh. I am a colour junkie, I love the way colour can change a space and create a different mood. we didn't know the sex of any of our babies, but I was still very bold with my colour choices that could suit boys or girls. no beige in sight! x

    1. I've become a bit of a colour lover too -- it has started creeping out in bursts around my desk space. I love it.

  2. I'm actually a huge fan of neutrals, I love the calming space they provide. But I love throwing in something unexpected to break it up just enough.

    1. yes! lately I've been loving neutrals with a dash of neon.


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