fun stuff : ouders van nu cover kiddos

posted on: Saturday, July 21, 2012

A few months ago the parenting magazine Ouders van Nu (Parents of Now) contacted me about using a picture I took of the preschooler and the lady on their cover. I hope it will be a nice keepsake for the littles when they're older.

Now, if only I could read the cover lines! Are you from the Netherlands? Can you tell me what they say?

Hope you're having a lovely weekend :)


  1. :)
    rough translation:
    TOP - parents of now - if you really wanna know what the deal is
    (pink) the baby movie theatre, mother cookies, toddler pilates and other trends
    (blue) how to tame a kid with a temper
    (green) in two hours the head was already visible. giving labour without an obstetrician
    BOTTOM - swings, flip flops and sandals. Sun-advice & fun beachtips
    RIGHT: +free sticker to iron - mom's nr 1

  2. that is beautiful, bron! what a fun little treasure.

  3. They are the perfect models! That is such a terrific photo Bron.. I'd frame this! : )

    1. thanks chantale, ouders van nu did a great job. it's def fun to see them on the cover!

  4. Love that photo! I can see why they wanted it!

  5. Hi Bron!

    Yeahhhh, another dutch item I see! Ouders van Nu magazine! Lovely cover photo from your kiddos!

    XXX Vanessa


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