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posted on: Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"I always knew I wanted a cheery, colourful space – nothing too matchy matchy or themed," revealed Claire of oscarlucinda. "We didn’t know whether we were having a girl or a boy, but it didn’t really matter. Most of the things I bought could have been for a baby of either gender."

Wee Saskia's favourite? "The hot air balloon mobile (above the cot) is always guaranteed to get a smile, a gasp of delight, or a hearty giggle. Especially when a ‘puff of wind’ sends the balloons spinning. Oh that was a great discovery! Such a beautifully simple design too."

"At the moment Saskia doesn’t sleep in her room," explained Claire. "So it feels more like a playroom and she loves spending time in here. She will ride the little rocking horse for hours too."

Tranquil and friendly.

who lives here
Saskia, 7 months, in Canberra, ACT, Australia.

"I had been collecting bits and pieces for a while - from garage sales, online, lovely little local shops, things I had seen on blogs or in magazines. The felt garland was from Down To The Woods, The Littlephant giraffe poster was from Huset, the You are Loved decal was from Shanna Murray, the fabric wall decal was from Petit Collage, the lamp was from Beacon Lighting,the marionette gift cards in frames were from Darling Clementine, the baby gym was from Ikea and Saskia’s ceramic garland and star was from Paper Boat Press. Saskia was lucky to be gifted a lot of beautiful things including the Rob Ryan bunting, the ‘hoot hoot mobile, the wooden rainbow stacker, the embroidered ‘S’ hankie, the rocking horse and cane chair."


"We painted the walls white and the brick wall ‘sweet pea’. K, my partner, is going to kill me for writing this, but I’m dying to change it!"

"We were given the cot by K’s sister (used by her 3 children), picked up the change table for under $100 AUD on eBay, bought a Billy bookcase from Ikea. I didn’t want to spend much money on furniture, especially on items like a change table, as you only use them for so long. The rocking chair belonged to my mother’s nanna (Saskia’s great great grandmother), so it’s a very special, treasured piece. I love thinking about the four generations of women who have cradled and rocked their babes to sleep in that chair. The lipped shelves are from Ikea and are perfect for Sakia’s collection of special books (the rest of the library lives in a plastic tub in the cupboard awaiting a basket or box…I’ve been keeping my eyes out at garage sales!). I’m a great believer in the importance of reading and have been collecting beautifully illustrated children’s books for a long time now, so I love seeing them on display. When Saskia is a wee bit older we’ll lower the shelves so she can pick out the books she wants to read."

renovate and diy
"I bought an Ink &Spindle ‘Allsorts Quilt Kit’ when I was pregnant (the kits are sadly discontinued) and Mum and I put it together just before Saskia’s birth. I remember crawling around on all fours on my mum’s floorboards pinning it all together and complaining about my belly being in the way. It was quite a sight. I’m now halfway through hand sewing the details in each panel, so what you see on the bed in the photos is sort of cheating – it’s hasn’t been binded yet! The hand sewing is taking quite a while, but it’s a lovely quiet thing to do at night, and it feels satisfying to steadily chip away at a crafty project…I like to think of Saskia running her hands over the stitches in the quilt, knowing that her mama and her JanMa made it lovingly for her."

best buys 
"The best buys were all garage sale finds: the bevelled mirror ($5), the small green chair, ($5 for two) mini flokati rug ($30), almost all the wooden toys on the shelves. I also adore the You are Loved decal by Shanna Murray. I read it aloud to Saskia each night before we turn out the light and head into our room. I think every child should be told this every day. So important."

Thanks so much Claire and Saskia for sharing your space with baby space!


  1. I love Ink and Spindle, Lara and Teegs are good friends of mine and their studio is so lovely (as are their tea making skills!) You really have created a wonderful space for not just Saskia, but you and K. And I love how the best finds were from op shops - Canberra has a few good ones x

  2. What a lovely room! And what nice sentiments!
    We put Baby C's room together after he was born and it is a bit all over the place...I like to call it eclectic!

  3. Wow, I LOVE this room! We also painted the nursery this soft green.. and I so miss it (we have since moved). All the attention to detail and beautiful light.. what a gorgeous room!

  4. Very cool Nursery idea…will need to remember that…

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  6. Such a beautiful room. I love the history behind that rocking chair - precious! x

  7. I love the room and tried to find the lipped book shelf on the ikea website but had no luck. Did you get it in Sydney?

  8. Hi Kriss. We did get the shelves at the IKEA in Sydney - last year...Oh no! I'll be devastated if they aren't selling anymore! Such a good piece for all rooms in the house...x

    PS. Bron - have I said a huge thank you for the two posts? Feel honoured to be featured in your lovely space here x

  9. Oh thank you, I will call Ikea and see if they have them. Fingers crossed!!


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