baby : 6 months

posted on: Friday, June 29, 2012

dear baby,
you are half a year old! congratulations little lady. it is my pleasure to tell you that you are still the happiest baby on the block, always ready with a smile for me and your dad and your brothers, and anyone really. (you have not developed separation anxiety yet!) you are also now the fattest baby on the block. I was a little chunky monkey too, so I guess you get that from me. you are fast growing out of your 00 clothes and are more comfy in size 0s.

your eating:
in the last two weeks you have moved from one half a meal a day to chowing down three meals a day. typically on the menu: banana baby porridge for breakfast, mooshy sweet potato and mashed avocado and banana for dinner and lunch, and water from your sippy cup at all meals. you have also tried mandarin, red grapes and a tiny bite of bread. you still breastfeed at least four times a day.

your sleeping:
waking up through the night still happens but usually only once or twice (fingers crossed!) and unless I think you're sick or starving I pat you back to sleep. you like to sleep on your belly, which worries me a little, but you can hold your head up well so I guess that's okay. you take two naps in the day totalling one to four hours and you have adjusted to your big cot, hoorah! I am a big fan of your sleeping.

your moving:

you've been rolling for a while now and in the last month have started getting up on your knees like you're going to crawl but instead of crawling you have progressed to straightening out your legs and standing on your toes, downward dog style, like you're in your own little yoga class -- so funny. just yesterday you started half sitting up. so to get about you creep backwards and if I don't keep my eye on you you wind up backed into the corner of the lounge room under a chair or some such. 

laddles, it is such a pleasure to be your mama. we do lots of babywearing and I love having you close. we have our own little routine through the days while you play and chatter and I try to do a bit of work and cuddle you at the same time. I am so, so happy you are here. I know I've said it before, but I feel like the luckiest mama in the world. thank you for joining our family.

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{cutest peter rabbit vintage corduroy overalls with feet from jen. coles long sleeved bodysuit gifted from grandma.} 


  1. She's just divine Bron! Sage is 6 months in a few weeks time too. So scary how quickly that time has gone! Already planning her first birthday bash, hehe :-)

  2. She's absolutely beautiful Bron. I love your comment about being the fattest baby on the block. It made me smile because I beam with pride to see fat little baby thighs ;-) xx

  3. It's so good to have all these things written, because as time passes we tend to forget. She's just so sweet, I can look at her all day!!
    Stop by my blog, a have a giveaway!!!

  4. hello baby rose - happy 6 months :) are you well aware that you are probably the best dressed baby on the blogs? ;) x

  5. Happy 6 monthaversery, you look lovely in those red overalls!!

  6. what a lovely little girl! the photos are so nice and sweet

  7. You are the best - this is unreal Bron, Rose is going to love this so much!!!

    "Happy 6 months little flower of light!"

    What a joy you bring sharing this, thank you xox

  8. awww she is so beautiful, 6 months!!! Yikes!!

    My little Rose is 5 weeks. Time passes too quickly xox

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