baby : 23-24 weeks

posted on: Friday, June 15, 2012

dear baby,

you have been 
growing up and getting around these past couple of weeks.

you have started solids: avocado and banana, which you love. the banana gives you banana breath.

you have moved from your hammock into your cot. it has been five days and sadly, you are still not a fan. don't worry, you'll get there, cots are great! spacious and all that. 

i'm surprised you're not crawling but you still enjoy creeping backwards and will spend hours doing this. you like to wiggle off the lounge room mat and onto the floorboards where you paw at the knots in the wood like a cat after a mouse.

you just tried water out of a bottle -- you didn't seem too sure about that but gave the bottle teat a good chew. you love your brothers and your dad and me. 

we went and visited your dad at his new job and had lunch in the city. the girls in the sushi place thought you were cute. we went to our first all-day conference and you were a little golden girl, hanging out in your comfy ergo carrier. 

every time I tell you you're beautiful I try to remember to tell you that you're smart too, because you are. and I love you.

love, mama.  

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{vintage yellow swiss dot dress from 1sweetdreamvintage on etsy. tights from petit bateau. bow from aldi. everywhere friend bunny gifted by stuck on you.}


  1. aww what a lovely post, she's adorable!

  2. That smile is so sweet, she is the picture of happiness Bron x

  3. Oh Bron, she is just so so lovely! I love her big warm smile and incredibly humungous gorgeous eyes... sigh..
    ps. That quilt reminds me of all the crazy flower bed sheets my sister and I had when we were kids! : )

  4. Ohhhh Bron!!!!!!!
    Loves it, loves it so so much! She is such a lucky lil' one.
    Gosh, it feels like we're adults for so long, if only we all had these little notes of love from our parents when we were babies to remind us of how loved and special we are/were to someone back then!
    As always, thanks again for sharing xox

  5. this is beautiful bron!!! she is just gorgeous too :) happy 24 weeks little one xx

  6. She is so so so cute! And she's starting to look a lot like you Bron!

  7. Oh that lemon colour looks divine on her. Such a sweet, pretty babe xo

  8. beautiful pictures and words. xox

  9. She may be invincible confident - her charm are overwhelming)!! Happy mother you are!


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