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posted on: Friday, June 1, 2012

Look who's five months old.

Oh, me? Hooray!

I mean this in the cutest possible way: miss baby is chunkier than ever. She has grown the most gorgeous fat chin rolls and chubby thighs but her feet are still teeny tiny, it's a bit cute. Little pudgy person.

She has gained more control of her hands and will try to grab anything within reach, and quite a few things that are not. Toys, scarves, name it, she wants to check it. She also tries poking at my iPhone screen the way I do. Tap, tap.

I think crawling might be next on her agenda. I didn't capture it in this shoot but she's started kneeling up. I don't think her brothers crawled this early and there's definitely a part of me that would be happy for her to stay put for a bit longer (mostly the part of me that's not keen on cleaning the floor!) but mostly I can't help but cheer her on excitedly when I notice her trying out her new skills. We cheer, she grins proudly back at us.

And I was reminded upon reading this update on oscarlucinda that we haven't recorded her nicknames as yet. She has quite a few, if you'd like to hear them?

Right from the beginning the preschooler called her Rosie and then Rosabelle.
I call her Rosabelle too, and Miss Rose, Miss Baby, Miss Lady, Lady Baby, The Lady, Lady Lou, Lady Lou Who, and, weirdest of all: Ladles. Like, you know, a serving spoon.

I believe my parents refer to her as R.G.A. Which are her initials.

We also call her Sweetheart. The preschooler mimics my high-pitched motherese voice when he says it which makes the mr laugh. 'Awww, sweetheart,' the preschooler used to coo when she cried her newborn cries. He still uses a high-pitched voice when he talks to her. He also smiles huge smiles at her to get her to smile back, which she does. She looks for him, waits for him to look at her and when he does she beams, beams, beams.

Do you have nicknames for your wee ones? I love funny ones like Ladles and Spangle Dangs. Or did you have a nickname as a child? Maybe people still call you by your nickname? I'd love to hear.

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{rosebud suit by petit bateau and italian leather fringed boots (that are too big, but will last!) from kids direct warehouse. handmade blanket from the baby and kids market. peony the woodland bear from sleepy king.}


  1. Awww, what a sweetie pie. I love these updates as she is one month ahead of my little guy and it's fun to see some of the things that might be coming our way.

    Ladles, love it. Sooo unique. We have the normal mish-mash of things you call a little boy: little mr., little man. But as far as his name goes (river) I sometimes call him little river man, like 'little river band'. :) and any other little phrases you can attach to river.

    I love reading about the preschooler mimicking you guys with sweetheart, soo sweet. It's certainly fun to see them interact with other kids - so touching.

    Anywho miss rose is beautiful - I even turned the screen towards my husband and squealed, 'isn't she pretty!?'

  2. What a smile! And I love those delicious legs! And the nicknames, and the sibling love!!

    We started calling our daughter "Kickin Chicken" when she started getting more control over her legs. That turned into "Thanksgiving Turkey" and "Christmas Goose," and somehow "Turkey" is what stuck. So we call her "Turkey," "Turkey Pants," etc. I wonder how long that will stick... And there's always "sweetie potato," "sweet pea," "honey pie," those usuals!

  3. Little Ladles is absolutely divine! So gorgeous. I call my Olive O bags, which is a silly old thing two friends of mine and I call each other (tacking bags onto the end of our names, or shortening it to just bags). O-lo sometimes too. I've never been very good at coming up with nicknames, though. Kellie xx

  4. she is too cute for words! our little lady gets called bubba mostly, so unoriginal (but so cute though hearing the four year and seven year olds mimic us!). Lila Mac(kenzie) is popular too, Lila Macaroon, maybe my love of macaroons showing through there :)

  5. She is such a delight, happy 5 months little lady. That's a very cute softie you have there x

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her! I like to think of her as Sweet Rosie ;0)

    My girlies nicknames are...
    Stella: Stellbelle, Bunny Rabbit, Janie-Cakes (middle is Jane) and "Sell"-given by Ruby

    Ruby: Rubylou-Bugaboo, Buggie (Stella's nickname) Buga, Boo, LaRue (my father-in-law's middle), and Lulu Bird

  7. She is a seriously cute wee girl!

  8. Ahah! I love those nicknames. Sometimes I embarrass myself by the names I call my kids, but then somehow they stick and we don't know how? When I was little (and still, to my grandma) I am Chelsea Bear. Who knows?

    Tate is usually- taters, tater-bug, miss tate, missy lou, or sweetheart. Although she recently told me she'd like for me NOT to call her sweetheart, but hon (like honey) is okay:)

    Finn is- Finners, Bus, Bussy boy, Finner mcginner, or The Queen (which we won't tell him when he's older!)

    Tuck is- Mr. Tuck, Tuck Man, lover, chubby lover, Tucky.

    Wow- that's a lot of cheesy names.

  9. She is lovely. And I love the nicknames!
    My little guy is either Mr. Man or a bub but Bubbers? I am sure I came up with those in some sleep deprived moment! Who knows?

  10. My brother was Tiger and I was Muffet (as in Little Miss Muffet who sat on her tuffet...). Love those little chubby thighs, could gobble them up! Your baby girl is such a cutie.

  11. We (me, my husband, and two girls) call the 17 week old baby boy Too Too & Baby Brother. Nothing else as of yet. Not sure where the names come from's more of a feeling you get. I call my two year old Goo Goo, Big Goo, El, E, Sunny, Sun Sun, and sissy. My five year old was Scoot, peanut, A, and sissy.

    My sister 40 now and I'm 37 still calls me J Bird. hah

  12. She is SO beautiful!!! My husband and I are expecting our first (a boy) in October. We don't have any nicknames yet, but I am SURE we will soon enough! :)

  13. Oh my, she is the most adorable babe. All those chubby rolls... reminds me of my boys at the same age.
    And that sweet little onesie she is decked out in, beautiful!
    We have many nicknames for the boys... though the four year old is becoming quite specific about being called by his actual name, so we have to be careful with him, haha!

  14. My sister (40) and her best friend call each other ladle. Which comes from lady. They actually say 'how are you ladle?' and write it in cards. When I'm talking to the friend and refer to my sister, I say ladle too, even though her name is polly!
    My kids have daft names, I did a post on it when gus was born too - gus, gusbuster, gussingtons, gustopher robin, g-pants. The list goes on!
    Lovely blog.

  15. Bbbbbbbbeautiful!!!!
    Happy 5mths angel-cakes!!!
    You are going to love the life you came to live - it's awesome - and it just keeps getting better and better honey!!!
    So lap up all the love and attention gorgeous girl, because you are very loved and wanted xox

  16. What an angel! Bron, it was so lovely to meet you two beautiful girls over the weekend. Glad you enjoyed the talk.


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