preschooler : playing pretend

posted on: Monday, May 28, 2012

The baby space preschooler is a pretty interesting fellow. He loves creating characters, drawing, dress-ups and playing pretend. I thought it might be fun to record a bit of his quirkiness for all time so I asked him about today's dress-ups and this is what he said:

"Today I'm a Monster Robot Super Hero with a tiger head..."

"Monster Robot Super Heroes do things that people say. Like, the washing! And the dish washing. They don't go surfing but they do take photos."

"They're friendly. They're for helping people."


  1. So cute...I love that tiger hood!
    I can't wait until Baby C enters the magical world of make believe.
    Speaking of dress ups, I found these dragon tails on Pinterest...they are going to be my next DIY project.

  2. Adorable. Perhaps the monster robot super hero with a tiger head, after he's finished doing all your dishes and the washing, would like to come and do mine? Kellie xx

  3. Kellie -- yes, if only the make-believe rolled over into real chores!

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