one for me please : nursery in a box

posted on: Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My favourite author* once invented a character that created 'rooms in a box' for sale: 'kitchen in a box', 'bathroom in a box' etc -- one stop shopping for a room's basic needs. Such a cute idea, right? I had never come across it in real life until I was checking out the lovely baby space sponsor, Little Maison's site and low and behold, I found their sweet range: Nursery in a Box. While not literally in a box, Nursery in a Box seems like a great jumping-off point for stocking a nursery.

Pretty in Pink and Blue, approx $1353 AUD.

Baby Geo, approx $1353 AUD. 

Little George, approx $1920 AUD.

What do you think? You can check out more nursery themes, interior packages and decorating services at Little Maison.

*Anne Tyler. Author extraordinaire :)


  1. What a great idea! Wish that I would have had that when creating the girls rooms!

  2. The bottom line is they lose money when you are not taking the courses at their institution.

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