baby : 18-19 weeks

posted on: Friday, May 18, 2012

Oh, this little lady is one cuddly bundle of baby.

She has grown so much in the last couple of weeks and has quite a few new skills to show for it. She has been spinning in a circle for a while -- you know, lying on her belly, moving around full circle -- and now she has started to do what I call 'the caterpillar', where she kind of pushes up on her legs, face plants and wriggles forward. I've only see her do it a couple of times but I guess these are the first wriggles towards crawling. It's very funny and cute and it was nice because the mr, who is at work during the day so misses lots of firsts, was the one who originally noticed her do it.

She had her four month immunisations and was an absolute trooper. The preschooler helped out by eating the jellybeans from the doctor for her ;)

We've started to include books in our nap-time routine as well as just reading randomly throughout the day. She loves it. Sometimes she listens quietly to the story, most times she tries to grab the pages.

She dribbles a lot. Funny girl. And she's started enthusiastically flapping her arms when she's excited.

Did I mention how much we love her?

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{vintage dress from 1sweetdreamvintageblue shirt and white tights gifted (thanks jen!), originally from seed. knit booties by alimrose, gifted by grandma. daisy dog by june craftblue handmade patchwork quilt handed down from the teen.}


  1. So adorable! Those booties and her dress.....sigh :)

  2. She's too cute! Our little ones are similar ages, Lila being a few weeks older. They're growing to quick!

  3. Little lady looks cute in this dress!

  4. oh my gosh what sweet photos!!!
    hugs tereza

  5. awww bless she is just so beautiful. It is lovely that she is so interactive must make it hard to get things done when you can play with her!! xox

  6. I love watching them do the caterpillar :-) It must be frustrating for them though!

  7. Oh those little booties, divine! Your little girl is the sweetest looking baby, just beautiful xo

  8. Oh Bron! Rose is so scrumptious. These photos are so divine - they capture her essence beautifully. J x

  9. She is just sooo LOVELY and pretty. Those big round eyes. Your little birdie (with the excited flapping arms!). : )

  10. GORGEOUS, makes you want to go back for more & more babies, love Posie

  11. Your little lady is simply divine. I have been following your blog now for quite a while (pretty much since you announced your pregnancy). I too have a beautiful little daughter who is one week younger than your little miss. It has been amazing to follow your journey. You and your family are gorgeous. I love the way you photograph your little one and following all the amazing products that you have found. Anyway, thought it was about time I comment on your blog, rather than being a silent follower.

  12. Oh she is so cute - so sorry I haven't been commenting for a while but I do read all your post just on my mobile (not easy to comment). Wow wiggling already - hope she catches on the crawling business quickly - we have gone through months of frustration and backwards crawling here but now, finally, it looks like he got the hang of it - especially if he sees a wire, a cat or a slice of apple that need to be checked out.

    Love those little booties - hope she is treating you well.

    love from me in Copenhagen.

    PS planning to create a boy's room soon, will be checking out your tip.

  13. Oh god. how cheet!!! baby angel... I love it. I think baby are god gift. and i like to know more about her. Please share more article.

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