baby : 17 weeks

posted on: Friday, May 4, 2012

Have you heard about the four month-old sleep regression? No? I hadn't either. For the last week or so miss lady's sleep has turned all topsy turvy. Catnapping in the day, waking up more at night. I'm dreaming of fluffy pillows and sleep-ins (or just any sleep, really). In fact this week I slept through her crying. I have never done that before. The man woke up to her teeny cries, remarking, is that as loud as she gets? (The preschooler is a screeeamer.)

She seems impervious to my dreams (or lack thereof) and is as sunny-natured as ever. After her week of near silence, she's now got the babbling and grabbing thing down. In fact if she wants your attention she might try to grab you and squawk at you all at once.

She's started to enjoy her baby toys, with her faves being cloth books with crinkly pages and her cloth monkey and cat with long chewable limbs. Everything is fodder for chewing now.

She's been feeding more, which is part of the four month frenzy : more activity, and a leap in development is apparently the cause. I seem to remember the preschooler becoming unsettled around this time and it didn't stop until he was on solids and had gone through a sleep program at six months-old. Two more months of this? Gulp.

But hey, we got there with him, we'll get there with her. There might even be a few fancy felt headpieces thrown in along the way ;)

Have a lovely weekend!

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{on the lady: headband from eight baby legs. dress from country road, last season. on the preschooler: shirt from cotton on kids, last season.}


  1. Bron, it's good to know I am not the only one trying to put my child through a sleep training or program or whatever. The thing is I feel guilty about it at times, so I am very bad at being consistent...and this is not good for him either

  2. Oh Bron, I feel for you but while it's hard for you at the time, as you say you do get through it eventually. Sophie's sleep changed a little while back too and she was waking when she previously hadn't and her day sleeps were becoming affected too. I think it was her sleep cycles changing which happens around the 5-6 mth mark and also the start of her teething too. Best advice I read was not to change anything and the phase will pass. Your little miss is looking prettier and prettier with each photo. You produce such gorgeous children!! xx

  3. She is adorable, so is he. Hope the tough times lighten up soon.

  4. She's adorable!!! such a funny little thing!

  5. I am not kidding. She is just the most beautiful little thing I have ever seen. Soak her up! Soak her! And kiss her again for me. Oh gorgeous.

  6. My bubby is the same age as yours and I love reading your updates! No sleep regression here yet but I think it will arrive any moment eek. She is so gorgeous and I love her headband.

  7. She's gorgeous, must run in the family, those eyes & eye lashes = heaven. Who cares about sleep, it's very overrated - we can sleep when we're dead as they say... 22 mths on and ours still wakes through the night - but she's close thanks to co sleeping so really it's not too bad and she's only going to need me like this for such a short time considering her life span so I figure what the heck!
    Plus I love the early morning cuddles and poking of my face to see if I am awake - the smile I get when I open my eyes is worth every interruption to my sleep!

  8. She is so gorgeous and I hope she lets you sleep soon.

  9. She already has such personality!

  10. Oh she is just so lovely!
    Honestly, I come here now just for these updates.
    Especially loved when you were actually writing to her. She will treasure that in her future.

    I was listening to the radio this morning and heard a song called, "My Lady Rose" and thought of your little beauty and wondered if you had ever heard of it? So i had to find it and send it to you

  11. She is so sweet Bron. I hadn't heard of this 4 month thing. Josephine has had a couple of tricky nights and is 4 months next week. Just when we had sussed!! I too am dreaming on sleep!! Xxxx


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