room for baby : orange you glad to see me

posted on: Thursday, April 26, 2012

A persimmon stripe here, a grey stripe there, and a couple of creative animal heads punctuate the fresh spaces created for 11 month-old twins Tuck and Finn and their big sister, Tate.

Mum, Chelsea, nabbed the bold rhino bust from Anthropolgie and used clean white frames from Ikea.

I've enjoyed following along with Chelsea's journeys since her pre-twin days so it's wonderful to get a peek into the sweet abode she's created for her wee ones. You can find out more about these spaces on LMNOP and on Chelsea's blog, Yours Truly.


  1. Those stripes are great! Especially with the grey and all the white. I love these quite stylised spaces. Not so good at them myself- always ends up a bit more eclectic.. But it is lovely to get ideas for them.

  2. Love big sisters corner! The pom poms and the silhouette are just too cute. Also swooning over her platform bed. Gotta see if I can find that for Ruby!

  3. Awe Bron! Thank you so much! Yours was one of the first "baby space" blogs I started reading, so much of the inspiration started here. I'm very flattered that you like the kids rooms;) xo

  4. What a gorgeous room! Thanks for the link to Chelsea's blog, heading over for a look-see xo

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  6. I love these kinds of posts :D. One of my favorite ways to spend my spare time, I also like football and movies.


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