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posted on: Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Thanks to the lovely Claire in Canberra and Nell in the UK for this sweet Sunshine Award. Claire and Nell both have extremely lovely blogs and extremely lovely baby girls who are similar in age to miss lady.

Favourite colour
Green. Seafoam green at the moment.

Favourite animal
I love cats but the Mr isn't keen. Right now the preschooler and the teen have guinea pigs called Mooki and Peso. The boys named them. The Mr takes care of them. They were his idea.

Favourite non-alcoholic drink
Coffee, coffee, coffee. Skim mocha please, from our local, Craig's Cheese Shop. Craig's is tiny but wonderful. If you are ever in Bondi Junction you must go there because Adrian and Carol behind the counter are the loveliest. And Craig's food is to die for. Or a soy chai from my fave cafe bookstore, Gertude and Alice. I can spend hours at G&A looking at all the vintage books, sipping tea and chatting with my friends.

Facebook or Twitter
Facebook. I am in an online Mother's Group to which I'm addicted. We talk about our babies all. day. long.

Favourite number
3. Not sure why. 3 kiddos perhaps? 3 people in my house when I was growing up? 3 is a good number for a catch up and a chat?

Favourite day of the week
Monday. I know, am I crazy? See here for explanation.

My passions
I have so many. Our little family, the wee ones, writing, blogging, lovely spaces, vintage children's books and photographs. I also love photography but I love photographs more.

Getting or giving presents
Giving. I always feel a bit embarrassed receiving them. I worry my face isn't doing the right thing.

Favourite pattern
Blue checks. But I also like stripes. And I cannot go past a good vintage floral.

Favourite flower
It didn't used to be, but now it's roses :)

Passing this award on to the lovely Katie and Annie.

Pictures of the preschooler demonstrating his high-pants obsession back when he was three with his doll, Jeff who is also a high-pant wearer. Jeff was custom made by the lovely Julie at Fee Vertelaine.


  1. Ooh I love this! We get to know more about you. I love the answer to the animal question. hehe! And the baby space preschooler at 3 is uber cuteness.

  2. Haha...I loved the "right face" part when receiving a gift, same here.
    And you know what? I used to live in between Bondi Junction and Bondi Beach! Lovely place to live!

  3. Oh, lovely to learn a little more about you Bron. I am with you, receiving pressies can be awkward and I always worry that my smile is looking fake... even when I like the pressie. I just can't get the smile right.
    Gorgeous photos of your little one xo

  4. Loved learning a bit more about you Bron and congratulations on your award x

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