baby : 16 weeks (and a dress)

posted on: Friday, April 27, 2012

As you probably know, I have been a boys mama for nearly 15 years. And through all these years my ma has held on to my baby clothes from the 70s. Nice one, ma.

Then when I was pregnant last year, though we didn't find out the baby's sex, my ma handed over all the clothes she'd been saving. They were all so feminine, but also so lovely that I (half) joked that even if the baby was a boy I'd have to try them on him.

I used to wear this dress when I was nine months-old. Here is the lady wearing it at just 16 weeks-old. I think we can safely say the generations are getting bigger.

Baby me at nine months, with my ma.

Boy? I am not a boy!

So, for this lady, 16 weeks has been all about the grabbing. She has become even more fascinated by her hands and has gained just enough control to grab her soft baby books to chew on, and also to grab my hair and skin.Youch. Interestingly, her constant babbling has slowed down to the occasional squeak, a bit like she can't focus on grabbing and talking at the same time. 

Overall she has been settled and sweet and pudgy and delicious.

I'd love to know, have you dressed your wee one's in your old baby clothes? Do you have pictures? If you post/have posted about that I'd love to see! And thank you for all your hello's in the comments last week. It is very cool for me to learn a bit about you too :)

p.s baby space is listed in the Best Australian Blogs Competition in the People's Choice section. If you'd like to vote for us you can do so on the voting page here. You don't have to sign up for anything, just scroll until you find baby space on the list. But whether you decide to vote or not, thank you so much for sharing this little journey with us. I am loving your company.

Have a gorgeous weekend!

p.p.s If you are wondering about my ma's nationality she is Filipino.


  1. Beautiful. The dress, the babies (all of them), and your mother. Those are some good Filipino genes she's passed on:)

  2. LOVE IT! Rose you are a gorgeous baby aren't you! Love the dress!

    Yes! I too have a few outfits of mine from the 70s that have made their way into circulation for the girls. I will have to post some for you.

    Purple Poncho both girls wore
    White knit dress (similar to yours above but knit) Ruby wore after her baptism

    little sundress Ruby just wore in March but will be part of the regular rotation once it stays warm.

    I love it- I am so happy to have my photos and now the girls... hopefully they will keep the tradition going.

  3. Yes, my mother gave me a couple of vintage pieces that she herself wore as a baby. I couldn't believe what great condition they were in and I couldn't wait to put them on my daughter. Here's a picture of her:

    And...Rose is too precious for words! She looks just like her mama : ]

  4. that's so cool coryann! and your baby looks soo sweet in her grandma's dress. love vintage :)

  5. So sweet! I'm 15 weeks prego :) can't wait to know what we're having. Your blog is lovely.

  6. wow that dress is amazing and may I just remark how pretty your mum is? Seriously! It's so cool that she saved your dresses for your girl, I wish I had more of mines, but then again, I am a mother of two boys too...:)

  7. Haha, yes I was wondering. So that makes you 1/2 Filipino? My mom is 1/2 Japanese.
    Unfortunately my mom didn't save many of my baby clothes but my mother-in-law was a saver. Which worked out swell as we had a baby boy (so far). No pics as he hasn't been able to wear any pieces yet, although you got me thinking about one I should try on him tomorrow.
    Little lady is looking so big and sitting up so well! :)

  8. I would have loved to dress Daniela in one of my baby outfits, but they're so far away. I'm actually not even sure my parents keep them... :(
    I remember that phase when they grab their hands and suddenly stop babbling...but it will be back soon! Cute as always!

  9. How lovely your Mum kept some items from your childhood, especially that sweet piece above which suits your pretty little Rose so perfectly. My Mum saved a few things for me too - you can see one on an old blog post here:

    I've just started dressing Sophie in it actually as Grace didn't get a lot of wear out of it.

  10. I don't have any. My mom had a "baby box" in storage in our apartment and it somehow got thrown away. I think there were a few special pieces in there and the rest were not saved. I really wish I had this one outfit my mom made for me - it was a one piece bloomer/halter top thing made to look like a strawberry. It is so hard to explain but it was amazing. Would loved to have dressed my daughter up in it. You are lucky to have your sweet dress which looks so darling on your little one. Oh, and your mom is really beautiful.

  11. Finally had the opportunity to do the 'knitted dress' post ;) x

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