baby : 14 weeks

posted on: Friday, April 13, 2012

hands up if you're happy!

Life feels a bit like it's getting away from me at the moment. So I sat down to take stock and have a click through the lady's updates. There's been so much going on, really for the last year (or more); being pregnant, wrangling the preschooler, coordinating the teen, starting the new blog, that I'm often just operating in the moment, which is good and healthy, but then I'm not really aware of how the big picture is working out. It was pretty cool to look back and see the progress she's making.

So what has this tiny lady been up to? A wee bit of rolling has started happening. From her front to her back and I managed to catch it on camera. Hoorah!

She has been giggling a little more, especially when I sing (not because I have a terrible voice ;) especially when I make la, la, la or da, da, da noises. I often make up songs about her when she's having her bath. They are of a mermaid theme: she's the mermaid. She seems to approve.

She chats away so much that I had a random dream that I was teaching her vowel sounds and she was saying them. Ha!

And the preschooler is convinced that she's saying 'hi' or 'mama' or 'dada' and will not be told otherwise.
He's quite the big brother and tells me when she's upset that, 'She needs a feed. She needs a sleep.' It's gorgeous.

{vintage alphabet and number quilt gifted to me by my aunt and uncle in the philippines when I was a baby. seafoam green jumpsuit by juliebell.}


  1. She is such a doll!!! And isn't rolling just wonderful. I'm off to have a look at my little man's pictures so're spot on about seeing how far they've come. Thanks and hope you're having a gorgeous day :) x

  2. Such a pretty little poppet!! Gorgeous photos and a gorgeous jumpsuit. It's so nice that you can look back through your posts and see your little lady's progress and how much she has already changed in such a short time. One of the beauties of having a blog! x

  3. Very cute, Bron. Capturing a roll on photos is really very special. x

  4. I love how you captured that rolling moment! She's prettier every day!

  5. She is just so lovely and I LOVE her little onesie. Too cute. x

  6. Oh my goodness, she could not be more adorable if she tried. Gorgeous pics of your beautiful girl... and I am loving that little romper, so so sweet xo

  7. Hi, I've just come over from Homely One. You have a very cute daughter! She's just a couple of weeks older than my wee girl and I definitely know what you mean about life getting away on you! With a toddler and a renovation project on the go as well, things do get a little chaotic at times! I look forward to reading your blog again soon.

  8. These are such a sweet series of photos! Your little one is just gorgeous xx

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  10. wow that is so sweet and cute baby. Children are pleasure of home. Seriously! It's so cool. gout in ankle

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