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posted on: Thursday, March 29, 2012

In the baby space place the two smallest kidlets share a teeny space, and to be honest, so far I have done very little to personalise their respective corners. Right now everything --their toys, books, clothes etc -- are all kind of mooshed in together. But the preschooler does have a bold letter M on his side (his first initial) and I've been considering what, if any, personalising I should do for miss lady. Then while I was perusing our sponsor 41 Orchard's site, I spotted these cute name stickers.

I've had a bit of a thing for clouds lately so I'm favouring the cloud name sticker with it's gentle blue tone (there's a choice of blue or white) but I also like the name plaque. Adding a plaque over each bed, especially when the beds are arranged side by side, would be a quick, fun way to personalise each child's little area. Oh the choices!
41 Orchard also have a range of nursery wall stickers in a variety of motifs including animals, transport and trees. Do you have wall stickers in your nursery? Do you think I should get matching name plaques or mix it up a little? What would you do? I'm all ears :)


  1. Hi Bron, I am trying to make my two sons sleeping together but it's a bit challenging since one wakes the other. How do you deal with it? they sleep ok in the same room?

  2. LOVE this idea! I do have wall stickers in both girls rooms not their names, but "designs" i think they are such a nice touch.

    I cannot remember where I saw it (Rosie Pope's TV show?) but there is a room in NYC of two little girls sharing their room and they used name plaques for their respective spaces. Both different to reflect their personalities. It was gorgeous!!

    I know R is still little and just forming her personality, but I am sure that you will find something great to represent the little sweetie that she is becoming and you know M's personality well!! Cannot wait to see what you pick!!

    I'm dying for their "Fame Name" might have to get that for one of the girls rooms... BTW. I am thinking about totally switching up Ruby's room in August (when she gets her "big girl bed") I want white... taking away those pink walls and going white. If you have any good girlie rooms that are basic white send them to me or post them!! PLEASE!! xo

  3. LOVE those name plaques above! They'd be super cute above each of their beds. It's funny, I've been admiring anything 'cloud' related you've posted lately as I'm going with clouds in Soph's nursery I'm in the middle of decorating. I got some cute cloud decals the other day and am slowly adding other bits and pieces... can't wait to see how you decorate your little one's space xx

  4. Mariella -- we did a sleep program with the preschooler when he was 6 months old and he has been a heavy sleeper since then. When she cries (not very loudly, but loudly enough to wake me up) he doesn't wake up. And she doesn't wake up when we talk in low voices in the room, which is what we do when it's his story/bed time.

    Marla -- I will keep your white plans in mind!

  5. I love personalized wall decals, particularly if they are sharing a space. That way they'll have a piece of the room that is just for them. I absolutely ADORE my 41 orchard J for my babe's room, and I can totally relate to not knowing which to choose from the site. I must have changed my mind 50 times before settling on the J with the birds. I don't think, however, that you need to get matching ones. Maybe different styles in complimentary colours?

  6. I have a jungle frieze around the walls and matching animal decals on the cupboard doors. It really makes the room.
    I think individual name plaques (non-matching) would be nice for your little ones; try to reflect their different personalities!

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