newborn essentials part two

posted on: Monday, March 19, 2012

Babies = stuff. Sometimes really, really cute stuff. Sometimes stuff that just makes it easier to get through the day. Here's part two of what the lady baby is using. (Part one is here.)

1. Nappy bag. Until I was around 36 weeks pregnant I was planning to skip the whole nappy bag thing and just use an oversized handbag. Then I saw a mama at our local mall with a black Skip Hop Duo hanging neatly from her stroller handles and I knew I'd
found my bag. It has nifty compartments to hold wipes, nappies, changes of clothes, wallet, phone, keys etc and comes with a portable change mat. Made from super hardy canvas, it has an appealing unisex utilitarian look. But the best thing about it is the removable messenger strap. I can take off the strap and clip the bag straight onto the stroller handles -- no slipping off! With the advice of the teen I chose the red one to match the red Bugaboo Frog pram we nabbed on eBay.
Skip Hop Duo Nappy Deluxe Nappy Bag in red, on sale for approx $55.95 AUD plus postage from Moo Said the Cow.

2. Swaddle. I am hopeless at swaddling babies. The preschooler was wrapped (very ineptly) in a swaddle that fastened with Velcro. The teen wasn't swaddled at all. This little miss is lucky because now Love To Swaddle Up are around and I can just zip her into one every sleep time with no fuss. Because she was a summertime baby we've used the Love to Swaddle Up Lite which has been perfect even on sweltering nights as the fabric is lovely and thin.
Love To Swaddle Up, from approx $39.95 AUD plus delivery from Love To Dream.

3. A place to sleep. Which in this lady's case is an Amby Baby hammock. We chose this hammock for the preschooler and the lady has inherited it. She loves it. It's supposed to be particularly good for colicky babies (which she isn't) but it's very cosy and light and the swinging motion is meant to replicate the swaying sensation similar to a pregnant mama's walk. It doesn't take up too much room which is a bonus with two kids sharing a teeny space. Wee ones can sleep in it for around 9 months.
Amby Baby Hammock, from approx $298 AUD plus delivery from Amby Baby Hammocks.

4. Stroller. We bought a Bugaboo for miss baby but I had to mention the Maclaren because it has served us so well with the preschooler. He was able to ride in it from day dot, it's incredibly sturdy, yet light and easy to fold up. I love the Bugaboo's cosy pram capabilities but it does drive me batty any time I want to adjust the seat or heaven forbid -- put it in the car. No such nightmare with the Maclaren. The Ryder model pictured (that we used for the preschooler) isn't available anymore but the Techno is also fabulous.
Maclaren Techno Stroller, on sale from approx $450.46 AUD plus shipping from Babyland SA.

5. Bumbo. She's not quite big enough for it yet but if she's anything like her super-curious big brother she'll love sitting up amongst the action rather than having to lay back on her baby blanket.
Bumbo, from approx $54 AUD plus delivery from Go Toddler.

newborn essentials : part one


  1. Bumbo...what age can you use them from and you gigot recommend it? Very tempted to get one for Josephine!! Xx

  2. Nell -- I don't think Rose will be up to sitting in hers for maybe another month? I'll wait until she has more head control. There are some safety concerns with older babies being able to arch out of them and hurt themselves and with younger babies not having enough spine support. The preschooler loved his though, so I think if they're used with supervision they're fabulous for wee ones to be able to sit up and see the world :)

  3. whoa! i've never seen a baby hammock before! neat idea! and i swear by the swaddlers!!

  4. We're looking for a new baby gift for a relative and that nappy bag is a wonderful find! I do enjoy the nappy bag compartments - a place for everything and everything in it's place. But for Dads it's like directing them through a maze.

  5. I too have 3 out of the 5 above :) Those swaddle bags are great - I have the exact one you've described which has been perfect for these hot months and at the moment, Sophie is in the one with the zip off wing bits so she can get used to one arm being out, then the other before progressing to a sleeping bag. Our Maclaren is the one we used with Grace - love it!! So light and easy to push around and put in the car. As for the Bumbo, just got one of those for Sophie about a week and a half ago - it's great as she can sit right next to Grace on the floor where she's playing and see everything.

  6. I have an Amby Baby hammock, which was recalled in America because of a few deaths due to suffocation. My child was fine and did well with this. He had MRSA on the back of his head and this was a much softer than an average crib mattress and needed to be on an incline due to multiple surgeries and this was perfect!


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