baby : 9 weeks

posted on: Monday, March 5, 2012

Bonded. Bonded is how I'm feeling with miss sneezy baby here.

Every time I pick her up and smile at her she smiles back with her huge sweet grin. It lightens my heart. It's like a baby drug. So I smile at her more and more. And she smiles back. Sometimes she lets out a tiny squawking chuckle. It's the best.

When I put her down she looks for me and watches where I go. Where I try to go is to the right of her because she favours facing the left so much she has a big ole flat spot on her little noggin.

Sometimes we have little conversations. They go something like:

mama: Helloooo sweetheart!
baby: Argurgh ooo
mama: Oh, really? And what else?
(baby pauses to consider)
baby: Argur gurgh ooo. Ooo!
And so on and so forth.

Anyway. Thank you so much for your comments and tips on miss baby's sleeplessness. We've had some good days and bad, but definitely more of the good. So you know what I've decided? I've decided I'm not going to talk about her sleeping anymore. For a while anyway. But I may post a list of the best sleep tips I've been given. Because some of them have really helped me, and it's nice to share, right?

{amber teething necklace gifted. bumblee singlet from bonza bratz. wee fisherman pants handed down by the preschooler, made by and gifted by chloe o'reilly. you can find more chloe o'reilly creations at shorties in newtown.}


  1. She is just so divine, Bron! I just want to squeeze her. And drink in that divine newborn smell. Enjoy it, Lovely. J x

  2. Yummy girl! xoxo
    My guess is the lack of sleep is due to the 8-10 week regression! Shes growing! Lots of snuggles will get her back on track! Rubylou is going thru a regression right now. She is waking up 2x a night for me. The only thing that gets her back to sleep are snuggles. How can I resist that...?

  3. her singlet is just too cute..but those pants! oh those pants are awesome!!! (so awesome that they deserve three exclamation points.)

    i'm off to look for chloe o'reilly!

  4. So precious!! that little bee singlet is adorable.

  5. oh my gosh adorable!!!!!! I love her little pants :)

  6. She's beautiful, Bron! Gotta love those thoughtful pauses in conversation :)

  7. ohhh so sweet! love her pants..
    Rocio from

  8. What a cutie! Those eyes....
    I recently started following your blog after I started my own of the same name. I ran a google search of Baby Space to see where I came up and came across YOUR Baby Space. Ever since I've been hooked on your posts, they are just so lovely! I'd love for you to have a peek at my Baby Space sometime (it's not quite as polished as yours, but I've been enjoying it).

  9. She is so pretty!! What sweet eyes.. She looks like such a chill baby. So gorgeous!

  10. Ha, I have the exact same conversation with Josephine! Ben says that he'll never be able to get a word in when she starts talking properly. She's a bit of a chatterbox like her Mama!

    Teething necklace already? Do I need to get me one of those?! xx

  11. Lovely smile and big beautiful eyes, just gorgeus!

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