baby : 2 months

posted on: Friday, March 2, 2012

dear baby,
now that you're two months old there's something I want to chat with you about.

it's about being a girl.

I want you to know that even though I keep a collection of vogue magazines in the house and even though I love dressing you in florals, and even though I call you a lady, I want you to know that if one day you feel that being a lady or wearing florals, or shaving your armpits isn't for you, then that's okay with me. (I'm not sure if shaving one's armpits is for anyone when you really think about it, it's just one of those weird things... you'll see.)

I want you to know that being a girl is awesome. I want you to know that sometimes people have labels for things because life can be confusing and labels are a quick way to make things seem simpler but it doesn't make them true. I want you to know that sometimes people have ideas about some things being just for boys or just for girls. I want you to know they're wrong. anything is for you.

as your dad would say, the world is your lobster. I want you to know that your dad will say funny things like that but he's awesome. we got lucky with him.

little belle, I want you to know that you can go forth and be whoever you'd like.

and for as long as you need me, and probably a bit longer, I'll be here to help you and to cheer you on.

you're only two months old, so who you will grow to be is still a wonderful mystery, but I do know you will be wonderful. you are wonderful. with you and your brothers in my life I feel like the luckiest mama in the world.

I hope you will feel like the luckiest girl.

{1 month}


  1. She is such a beautiful baby! Love what you wrote to her also :)

  2. Oh Bron. She's so blessed to have you as her mama. J x

  3. And if she ever has an insatiable desire to play and wrestle in mud, Rose is more than welcome here... xx

  4. Man o man you know what to say mama! Tears flooding for the hubbie and myself - stunning, just beautiful. thank you once again for sharing your love. x

  5. Oh Bron, what a beautiful post! Rose is so lucky to have your gorgeous words to read one day x

  6. Such beautiful words for a lovely little girl. You're a very lucky mama indeed!

  7. Bron, she is beautiful! Although I'd be happy with two boys I do secretly hope my next bambino will be a little bambina! Happy two months gorgeous Rose!

  8. She is the luckiest little lady to have you as her mama. That little girl is precious beyond words.

  9. Feels like you stole the unspoken words from my mind. This is how we raised our daughters but so far I've had worries that I wouldn't know how to do the same for my son. My daughters are princesses, ninjas, crafters, carpenters, dinosaur and frilly pink lovers but that's because we've introduced them to all those things. So my worry is how freely will we introduce the variety of "boy and girl" activities, toys, and clothing to him. It's one thing to buy a transformer shirt for my 4 yr old daughter (in her absence) but will I be as nonchalant buying a tinker bell shirt for my son before he's old enough to ask for himself? Lol I might just be an over thinker.

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