baby : 12 weeks

posted on: Friday, March 30, 2012

Someone is becoming super, super cuddly.

Cuddly, and even more chatty. This wee lady is quite the little chatterbox given half the chance. She is still very polite though and tends to wait until she's been spoken to before squeaking ;)

I've heard that 12 weeks usually means a growth spurt is in order and it cannot be denied that she's been chowing down her milk and sleeping more than usual. I find it helpful to know what to expect. Then, when her behaviour suddenly changes I don't go into a tiny panic wondering what could be wrong (as you do).

If you're a new mama do you like to read guides or do you prefer to take things as they come? I'd love to hear!

{handmade wool cardigan from the baby and kids market. newborn bear hat from knitting paradise. organic cotton dress and bloomers by scout, gifted by lovely friends. knit boots by oshkosh b'gosh, handed down from the preschooler. sweet dimpled legs and chubby cheeks, baby's own.}


  1. So adorable!! Love the cute outfit! I love reading the milestones and knowing what to expect. I love reading soon your baby will be doing this... and think Ha my baby already does that... he's so advanced already! :)

  2. I love guidelines! I'm like you...I like to be informed and to be able to prepare.

  3. Aw sweet Rose, you are getting super cuddly. Big love to you little lady :)

    I have to admit I do love a good parenting/infant developmental/new mama book - and have quite a few piled up on my bedside table- including Wonder Weeks. I'm enjoying WW as I find it reassuring to understand that 'fussiness' is often related to learning new skills and tricks - and I think that helps you to relax and be more patient with your little one, who is just trying desperately to come to grips with the big new world. It's also great that they stress that all babies are different and will learn at different paces with different preferences.

    Welcome to the World of Smooth Transitions, Rose :)

    Ps Also loving Simplicity Parenting and Diary of a Baby

  4. love these pictures! i find great comfort from dr. sears baby book! :)

  5. i'm also reading simplicity parenting, and will definitely be looking at diary of a baby next too! (good tip :)

  6. Hi. She is just gorgeous. My little lady is only a few weeks older than your little girl, so I can relate to your updates :-)

    I am a 'take it as it comes' mumma. I figure if she feeds well, settles ok, sleeps, and poos...then things must be alright. Every child is so different, so I think the guides can tend to make people feel inadequate and deflate their confidence as a parent. Just my take on the world, not everyone will agree I'm sure!

  7. Yum yum!! I want to nibble those little rolls! Shes just blossoming like the flower she is! Love her!


    As for me? I like guides. And gut instinct. A little bit o' guides, a whole lot o' gut instinct :)

  9. Hi Bron, so lovely to find your beautiful blog... doing a bit of a bloghop from Cherie's place. What a delightful story you have here and your newest addition is truly gorgeous... love that tiny baby stage :) Looking forward to following along from now on xo

  10. I'd rather know what's coming next, so I don't panic. But trust your instintcs always, is the best way to know. She's so cute in these pics!

  11. Oh sweet little Rose, you become more and more delightful each week. I adore seeing you grow! J x

  12. Oh STOP! She is just too cute. I like guidelines...big help for me. x

  13. What a cutie!

    I found second time around I freaked out less about sudden changes in behavior.


  14. Hello there beautiful and welcome to the world.

    You have a really cool blog here. Do you want to follow each other, I would love that.

  15. heehee! How is she this adorably cute?? That hat is too awesome on her. She looks so huggable!

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