baby : 10 weeks

posted on: Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This here is one determined little lady. I'll place her on her belly and pop a toy just out of her reach. She arches her back, pedals her fat little legs, and cranes her wobbly head in the toy's direction.

It's fascinating watching her get more coordinated. I've also found myself making up funny rhyming songs for her which she loves. She gurgles along with me, smiling and cooing at my silliness. Oh, this little lady just fills my heart with joy. Which is lucky because she's still quite keen on waking up all through the night.

I'm surprised by how much she enjoys tummy time. The preschooler always seemed
quite offended when I popped him on his baby belly.

{vintage blanket gifted by suzanne from mid century cycled. orange knit teddy by happy horse gifted by one of her godmothers. adele the handmade doll by warm sugar. toy cupcake belonging to the preschooler. liam the woodland fox and peony the woodland bear by sleepy king.}


  1. aww thanks for sharing such lovely photos :)

  2. Daniela hated being on her tummy, even to this day. Your beautiful girl always puts a smile in my face :)

  3. such beautiful photos! your little one is adorable.

    i love the fox and the bear...i thought and thought about buying those for olive before she was born...and didn't. now that i'm not working i kind of wish i did! i feel so broke these days...and etsy just keeps calling my name!

  4. awww such cute photos!! my 10 week old loves tummy time too!! so fun! :D

  5. Eeeep! She's so cute! Sounds just like Saskia too...determined, loves being on the belly & giggles at songs......(or my voice?!?!?!)

  6. Oh so precious! Love all the softies xx

  7. Awwww! Look at that sweet little rose pushing up! I love it!! She is a strong one ;0) 10 weeks! Wow!

  8. I love reading your Rose updates! I have an 11week old boy so it is fun to relate! He loves tummy time (and waking up at night) too!! She is just gorgeous - such beautiful eyes and a perfect round head!!

  9. awwww she is growing too quickly! 10 weeks that went fast!!! xox

  10. So Cute your little girl, love the blanket too
    Rocio from


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