room for baby : in the green room

posted on: Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The lovely Nicole created this space for a tiny newborn girl.

Bright orange and pink accent colours compliment the soft green backdrop of the client's rented abode.

I went for a modern, bold and eclectic feel for a Mum who didn't want anything 'too girlie'.

who lives here? 
Baby Giselle, 6 weeks. 

As this was a rental property we had to work around the green wall colour which in the end was super fun and really turned out to be a great backdrop for all the other pieces I sourced. I love this eclectic mix of colours and also the modern mixed in with the traditional. The freckle rug really pulled together all the colours I used around the room and made the whole room look very inviting and effortlessly coordinated. For the accent colours I focused on orange and pink which are such vibrant, fun shades.

The client already had the gorgeous Leander cot and I got this change table made up to match. I actually got the freckle rug sent over from India and the large 'G' canvas I also got custom made. The princess and the pea set on the change table was a gift and was given (by moi!) pride of place in the room because it's so cute -- all other soft toys were banished.

best buys
The alphabet decal for $36.00 AUD. It's large and packs a punch on this large wall.

nicole's fave
I love the freckle rug and also the paper chandelier.

top tip
I think mixing bold colours is always fun and gives a baby's room an edgier feel. Make sure if you are going for this look you really go for it will all the pieces you are buying in terms of colour and have fun!


  1. Sooo pretty! Love it! Funny we have a "Green Rooom" that is our living room and to see it transformed this way was great. Maybe I will add a little orange and pink into my green room- it sure is lovely! Great job!

  2. Great post thanks, I'm looking for inspiration at the moment, I LOVE the rug,

  3. Interesting but I wonder why there is no D in the alphabet??

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