the bump : the baby

posted on: Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Remember this picture?

4 weeks pregnant, 39 weeks pregnant and 4 weeks new.

{e.t.a : photo by bron bates. if you'd like to use this photo I'd love to know about it! please link back to this post and drop me an email. thank you so much.}


  1. I love that you have all those amazing shots to keep for her! Fabulous!

  2. Love the idea of getting your photo taken in a simple bed. Looks great! And your baby is so cute!

  3. You yummy mummy you!! Love this trio of photos together. Such a gorgeous keepsake x

  4. Fantastic pictures - oh I wish I had some from when I discovered that I was pregnant but I was so scared that if I documented it it wouldn't stick....Now he's 4 months :)

  5. This is just precious, Bron. You clever mama for having such a wonderful idea. J x

  6. I love this collage! And you are such a beautiful mama! Big hugs xx

  7. I saw this picture on Pinterest last night...and it just made me smile...for about five minutes.

    Karl in Los Angeles

  8. This is such a cute way to conclude your pregnancy documentation! :) stunning! xoxo

  9. This is so beautiful! It's a great idea and it really came out well :-)
    (p.s. I hope you don't mind, but I reposted this on my tumblr account -- if you want me to take it down I will, just shoot me a note on there.)

  10. Fantastic photos Bron! Just gorgeous... :)

  11. This is SO incredible! I am so in love with the idea and the photos. You are one adorable pregnant lady/mama.

  12. I'm so excited to do this when i get pregnant. TIA for making me smile when i see this everyday on my wall. :)

  13. Love this!! I'm stashing this idea away mentally for next baby!! :)

  14. thanks lovelies :)
    and thanks karl, for letting me know it had been pinned. I went and had a peek at pinterest and saw it has been pinned over 7000 times, craziness!

  15. Beautiful photos and a lovely idea.

  16. I loved this so much (I saw it on Pinterest) that I recreated it for my friend, Ruthy! I hope you dont mind!

  17. This is an adorable photo and an awesome keepsake for later. Every woman should celebrate becoming a mom with photos documenting the journey!

  18. Such lovely pictures! You're inspiring me to create one for my baby too :)

    Ange xx

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