baby : 8 weeks

posted on: Monday, February 27, 2012

Just when I think I know all about babies I realise that I don't. This little lady must have read the posts where I described her as contented and mentioned her lovely long sleeping and decided she didn't want to be labelled.

That gorgeous baby that slept for 6-11 hours? Gone. Replaced by this still gorgeous baby who sleeps for 3+ hours. (I'm emphasising the + with hope.)

What have I learnt from this? As the man said, we just have to go with it.

It being the unpredictability of baby ways and all the outside activities that come with family life and three kiddos.

The teen has his pre-season basketball trials (the child is obsessed, I tell you) which means we travel hither and yon to all the games. Family life. It is exhausting but it's also so beautiful. Someone asked if I have help? Definitely not! And I really felt it this week.

The lady herself: this week she's been trying out her little mewing conversations on me and gave her first chuckle-like-coo to the preschooler when he was making big smiley faces at her. So sweet! We've brought out the animal cards, procured a play gym and as soon as I can stay awake for long enough I'm going to wash the preschooler's old baby toys for her.

Have you had a baby that has been a big sleeper then suddenly turned around? How did you get through the sleep-deprived days of early babyhood? I'd love to hear!

{dress gifted to her by her aunt. animal cards by wee gallery gifted to her by her uncle's mum and creator of this lovely space.}


  1. Yes, been there Bron. I've always reluctant to say Sophie is 'sleeping well' because as soon as I do, everything is turned upside down :) It's like I jinx myself :) Back in her horrendous early months up until the 3 month mark, she suffered so badly with colic and was so unsettled all day that often, by say 8 or 9pm, she was that exhausted that she'd sleep until 6. Now she's a happy settled baby, she doesn't do that huge stint of sleep. Our morning and lunch time naps have been pretty good lately, although in saying that, yesterday and Saturday her morning sleeps were very ratty :) We're having a better morning today :) At the moment, we get one early morning wake for a feed, I'm thinking of trying to introduce a dream feed to see if that helps. I've learnt to just go with the flow too - the days that are great, I soak up every precious moment - the not so good days, we just take it one step at a time, let the housework slide, and take things very easy and do simple activities with big sister Grace. As for sleep deprivation, I try and not bustle around doing 101 things when the girls are napping after lunch and just put my feet up for at least a little bit and I turn in for the night very early these days :) Hope your gorgeous little Miss goes back to sleeping longer stints for you soon xx

  2. Well, one thing not to fret about is gorgeous is right! I really don't know that I've seen a more gorgeous 8 week old in my life! How do you ever take your eyes off her? I'm sorry she's keeping you up though, ugh! I'm such a grump when my babies aren't sleeping (shoot, which is a lot:) I have no secret for you. I guess play play play and try to tucker her out!

  3. Wow, she's growing so quickly! Gorgeous little girl you have on your hands Bron!
    I don't think Charles has ever slept for more than 2 hours at a time (well up until he was 7 months old).....

  4. I know I know you feel cheated right? I went from being worried that my son slept too much from being desperate because it was awake the whole day! I am still pretty lucky he sleeps well at night but sometimes he's awake and fussy the whole afternoon until 12 or 1 am. It's getting better though I know eventually he will fall into the rythm that is best for him (and hopefully for me too)

  5. She is absolutely gorgeous. My now 6 month old was the exact same. Perfect sleeper then not so perfect (read - terrible!), she had a huge growth spurt at the time and after 2 weeks she went back to good! We were told to just be consistent with sleep routine at all times (ie feed, play, sleeping bag/swaddle, bed)! Good luck - it will pass.

  6. What a beautiful sleep stealer you have there! :)

    My Max woke every 30 minutes for 3 months straight. I'm not exaggerating. Every 30 for 3 months.

    One day my husband came home & I was in the spare bedroom in tears, because I sort of just broke, actually.

    That no help thing you described, it's TOUGH!

    My husband booked us into a baby sleep school (Masada here in Melbourne). I went there for a week & it was the best thing I have EVER EVER EVER done!


    They were wonderful, hugged me, let me cry, told me Max was one of the most stubborn little babies they had ever seen, then helped me learn how to teach him to self settle. They say the best gift you can give your baby is the gift of sleep. Sleep promotes sleep?!

    Who'd have known :)

    He went from not sleeping during the day, & waking every 30 minutes overnight,

    To ...

    2 x 2 hour day sleeps & 12-13 hours at night.

    Now he's dropped one day sleep, & sleeps 3 hours during the day & 13 at night.

    It's not for everyone, but it put my broken pieces back together, & little Max ADORES his sleep!

    Hang in there you!

    You're doing a wonderful job! xx

  7. It must be a parent law. Never ever say how well something is going as it will inedibly invert the following week! Our twins had reflux and refused to settle for the first eight months. The subsequent three were a complete doodle- the self bedders, we call them. We jet stopped trying so hard. I never sweated it till 6 months then I'd draw a line in the sand. Okay, baby. This is how the sleep time works!

  8. I just wanted to say how pretty she is! :)

  9. i'm nodding my head because i can relate. i have been a walking zombie for months. the hubby helped while he could but he has to work, etc. so it's just me with baby ian and zion,the 2 year old. it has been overwhelming at times (to say the least), but they both melt me with their smiles and looks and i somehow summon up the super human strength to continue. anyway, your little one has such expressive eyes-love 'em! hopefully, she'll settle into a longer sleeping routine. fingers crossed for you:-)

  10. It's completely normal for babies to change their routines, so you never know. Daniela never in 8 1/2 months slept a whole night in a row, but she's not a bad sleeper. She just wants to be breasfed and continue to dream. your little lady is so cute, love the flowery dress!

  11. oh i could eat her up!!!!!!! what a BEAUTY!!

  12. Oh my goodness, she's an angel! Love that pretty little dress too.

  13. Oh Bron, she is sooo divine. But yes, I remember the sleep deprivation all too painfully.

    My answer? The angels at Tresillian and their residential stay program. When the baby's under 12 weeks and you're having trouble, they tend to admit you quickly. You just need a referral from your GP or Child Health Nurse.

    We went to the Willoughby one and the changes they made both times to the pixies' sleeping habits were amazing. And lasting once we returned home. Give them a try! J x

  14. Oh, Bron. They always unexpectedly wake up at 8 weeks. From experience though, if she was gold before, she'll be gold again. x

  15. she's so scrumptious bron. on the sleep front, i've just had to learn to surrender to the fact that there won't be much in this house for the foreseeable future. then if i get any, it's a bonus!

    rachel xo

  16. thank you for your tips, stories and comments :) so, so cool to know that I'm not alone.

    and mamas with non-sleepers: I really hope those little bundles get a-slumbering for you soon!

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