baby : 6 weeks

posted on: Sunday, February 12, 2012

My baby can talk! Not really. But she has started making tiny squawking and cooing noises. And the big one -- she has started to smile. Be still my already mooshy mama heart.

She makes you work for it though. On any given hour I can be caught grinning madly at her saying 'hello' over and over again like a demented parrot. And if she's been fed and is rested and in the right mood she'll reward you with a round face of crescent moons or a lopsided smirk. I love her.

But can I tell you something? Sometimes I feel like I'm missing her infancy. Sometimes I feel like I miss her even when she's right there. Crazy, right?

When Monday morning rolls around I get so excited because the boys head off to work and school and it's just the two of us. Sorry boys. I love you too! But I spend so much of my energy thinking about and caring for be left just the two of us? It's such a relief.

This week she'll get her first immunisations. Even though I hate seeing those ginormous needles go into those teeny fat thighs I'll be glad not to have the thought of whooping cough at the back of my mind. I'll also be glad to stop acting like a loony germaphobe towards anyone that so much as sniffles in her direction.

And we're working towards getting a semblance of a routine in place. Right now she sleeps for 1-2 blocks at night and catnaps during the day. I'm trying to pat her to sleep in her hammock instead of having her fall asleep in my arms so we can lay the foundations for her to self settle. Boring but necessary.

Oh, and that little dog? It usually lives by her change mat. She loves staring at the pattern on its behind. I call it Daisy Dog because of the awesome vintage flowered fabric on its reverse side. The preschooler calls it Mrs Dawg.

Preschooler tangent: he's also started calling things 'awrd' which makes us laugh, e.g: 'that's an
awrd dawg, mama.'

{cotton jumpsuit in oatmeal from cotton on kids. woollen booties made by a little old lady in Milan and gifted to her by her grandad and step grandma. plushie dog by junecraft.}


  1. Bron, she's so beautiful. I got tears in my eyes reading how in love you are with her. I love babies. You've got someone very special there, and I can see she's getting cute chubby cheeks!

    What perfect photos. Can you give her a kiss for me please?

  2. I will gladly give her a kiss for you Carmel!

  3. I just love her! And the preschooler too! I am thinking she is looking a lot like him...? cannot say for sure. ;0)

  4. Whata lovely post. Those first smiles are definitely heart melters :) How nice that you can have some precious one on one time with your darling girl too x

  5. She's beautiful Bron and it's such a wonderful in love stage when they're new born, enjoy and looking forward to more gushing posts and photos! xxx

  6. Oh Bron those first smiles are just fantatsic - soon she'll be a big charmer smiles all around but for now (can't believe it's only 11 weeks ago for me) - those few fantastic smiles and alone time just mama and baby. Enjoy the cute pie so much - all the moments are just so precious :)
    PS I know what you meet about missing the baby although he's right here - right now he's having his nap (outside Scandi style) and I miss him so much

  7. exciting times! She's gorgeous Bron and I love the picture with her brother. I am also completely in love with my little one his smiles make my day, every day

  8. She's a dear little baby! And that dog is so cute! Please, do enjoy her every second, my little girl is so big now (only 8 months old haha) but I miss those precious moments. The photos are great!

  9. she is so sweet. love watching her grow.

  10. What a gorgeous baby! My baby is 12 weeks now and went from working hard to smiles to working hard for giggles! I think they are really smiling and laughing at how silly we act just to get them to smile and laugh!

  11. She is just so precious!

    My son used to make me work so.damn.hard for his baby smiles too :)

    Stubborn little things ;)

    So I did laugh when you used to crazy parrot analogy, haha!

    Enjoy her. She really is just a delight!

  12. She's so sweet Bron. Josephine has started chattering away too now & we've had hints of smiles which are the most beautiful thing. And I know what you're talking about.. I miss her when she's in her Moses basket at night and it's right next to me, hehe xx

  13. She is SO BEAUTIFUL! My little boy is 8 weeks old today, and we are going through similar things with settling to sleep - I would love to hear about how you go with Rose, if you decide to share more!


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