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posted on: Friday, February 3, 2012

'Are you used to having a daughter?'

Was the question one of my closest friends asked me last week. No, I'm not used to it. Not just the part where I have a girl, which doesn't make much difference yet (except for the whole frilly dress thing ;) but the part where I have three kiddos. Three! Three feels like a lot. Especially when they're at such different stages of their little lives. Grunty teen to the left, cuddly newborn to the right and spirited preschooler in the middle.

But there's something else different too. When the teen and the preschooler were born I felt almost immediately like they had always been with me.

But with this little lady, I still can't quite believe she's here.

And can a baby be polite? I feel like even her cry is unobtrusive.

Remember her kickboxing moves in my belly? I thought for sure she would be Miss Activity (well, Mr Activity) but so far she is one cool customer. Loves her feeds and cuddles during the day and her sleep at night. She slept for eleven hours last night. Oh my.

Used to her? No.
Feeling super, super lucky and in love? Absolutely.

So, I'm curious. If you have multiple kiddos did you feel like your relationship with each of them was different right from birth? I'd love to hear!

p.s the preschooler was not going to let the five week photos happen without him:

p.p.s I just know the man is going to see this post and ask me why I put a doily on our child's head. What are your thoughts on head accessories for infants? Cute? Weird? You can tell me :)

{dress and bloomers by bebe for minihaha, gifted to her by her aunt and uncle. you can find similar items on sale here. crochet headpiece thingo from quick brown fox in newtown.}


  1. All I can focus on is how BEAUTIFULLY stunning your children are. Wow!

  2. I like accessories on babies...but at a minimum. I actually love what you have on her, so cute and unique. I love Bebe Minihaha! I work at a really gorgeous baby store here in Kansas City and we carry the line. I have had my eye on a "bubble" similar to tht one.

  3. I don't think sweet baby could get any cuter! I am so in love with her!

    I love the little "doily" her hair too- its just too cute for words. I tried doing that with #1- she just couldn't pull it off (I'll have to send you some pictures) and with #2 I just totally forgot in the sleep derivation! Haha.
    So happy that she is such a great baby!

  4. 1) ooh i think i got a mention on babyspace! :)
    2) i love the headband
    3) could max be any more handsome?
    4) i'm stoked for you guys that she is being so low maintenance!

  5. So cute to see such a proud big brother. I can't yet comment on your question as there's no kids in our family just yet. I will say though that your little bubba sounds like a dream!

    Sal x

  6. She is just so pretty! With hair.. I don't know but I think when baby #3 enters the picture, they're so used to the noise, the siblings that they're just so.. chill. Hope this continues! The doily on the head.. lol. Her outfit is so sweet and that last photo.. priceless!

  7. oh my gosh she is absolutely adorable!!!! Congratulations!!

  8. Oh Bron, the photo of 2 of your beautiful babes is just gorgeous!

    I think cute headbands are a must with girls....just because you can't with boys!

  9. You and your posts are some of the most uplifting, generous and beautiful i have ever seen.
    You share from the heart and it translates so well...thank you for offering your life to the world.
    You have brought tears to a strangers eyes. Melted a heart or two, as i share some of your journey with my hubbie.
    You make a sometimes crazy world still with the letters of love to your baby, she will treasure them forever.
    And by the way, i immediately loved loved loved the doily on little one's head, even before you questioned it! Not all of us are pink ribbons and bows - love your style.
    Thank you once again for sharing. You have now made your blog unmissable for even a day. xox

  10. Absolutely! Every baby brought different delusions, joys hormonal reactions and feelings but always underscored by that obsessively wonderful rush on new mother love. I was given lots of headgear for the 4th baby/ first girl but we didn't end up using a lot of it. It felt a bit unnecessary but that 'doily' is rather pretty. I was more a hat mama!

  11. I love the crochet head piece, I was going to ask you where it was from. Your baby girl is absolutely adorable, so beautiful. You're a lucky mama for such perfect kids!

  12. Oh Bron, she is just SO pretty!!! Love the photo with her big brother too. I've never really put headpieces on either ofmy girls, although they've both been very bald little bubs. Now that Grace has a curly mop of hair though I love being able to put pretty clips and bows on her :) Enjoy your precious girl x

  13. I have 2 girls ... Ages 5 and 2. I just had my third child... A boy!!! last week. So far it's still hard to believe he's here. Just last week he was kicking around in my belly and now he's kicking around outside of it. Surreal! The biggest changes at this point are diaper changes. Good grief it takes longer but I'll get use to it. When I got home from the hospital and saw all 3 of them together reality hit me in the face. I have 3 children. Oh My Gosh. I'm excited to see where this year will take us.

    Oh I love the headband. Makes me want to stick one on the baby boy hah!!! I missed the opportunity with the other two as infants. :) love your blog.

  14. What a beautiful post. All those feeling would be normal im sure. Bubba looks so peaceful doesnt she.. she complete the circle! xx

  15. After having my second son we decide with my husband we don't want any more kids. I don't have any more energy left for more, and I mean really just taking care of them ( 5 year old and 15month) the younger one is not sleeping well, doesn't eat well and its super active one. The first one was totally oposite. I don't know how others do with 3 and even more! After weekends I need a weekend to just recover ;-) they are wonderful boys, but its also really hard work to raising them.
    On your posts and pictures is everything looking so beautiful and idealistic...are you having extra help with taking care of your 3 kids ? they are beautiful that's for sure ;-)

  16. Lovely photos. Love her little outfit, and the preschooler has an adorableness to boot.

    As for baby head accessories...sorry, not such a big fan. I find them a bit overwhelming for such a little thing. Especially the giant sized flowery ruffly headbandy things.

  17. I stumbled across your blog from, you guessed it--Pinterest--and oh my your baby girl is beautiful! You're making me baby hungry. I have two boys and a girl, and my daughter did take some getting used to. Maybe just the adjustment to having a girl? Of course I was over the moon for each of my kids, but I admit having a girl after two boys has just been really, really fun. :)

  18. So funny. I have 3. Still can't believe it my youngest, girl too, is unbelievably good. Sometimes i forget i even have her. (except for when she's teething but at least she never cries for no reason!)So happy to have found your lovely space. x

  19. Came across your blog on advice from Grow.Cook.Sew

    Congratulations on your new baby girl. The 'doily' is perfect :)

  20. Those photos are stunning!

    Love the bebe dress. Thanks to your motherslove link I found some great toys for my one year old in their gift section (link:

    Keep the great blogs coming :)


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