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posted on: Monday, January 16, 2012

Please welcome Bridget from tales of me and the husband. You may remember her tips for visiting new mums from here. I asked her if she had any more tips and this is what she had to say. (This lady makes me laugh!)

{my husband, my babe, and myself}

I had this little guy a mere five months ago. It feels like ages ago and just yesterday all at the same time. When he reaches a new milestone I'm both happy and sad. "He rolled over! Hurrah Parker! Go Parker! Wait, no! Stop! Be still! Like the sleepy little slug you were when you were a few hours old! Stop growing!"

Happy, sad, up, down... such is the mind of a new Mom. I mean, post-birth, you've got hormones raging through you like a bulldozer, a potentially throbbing vagina tear, and two or more hemorrhoids from the whole pushing-a-babe-from-your-womb deal. Thus, the ups and downs are the least of it. But, nevertheless, a new Mom's mind is a crazy place.

So this is just one tip I have and it really goes out to the dads (who perhaps aren't really checking into blogs, so moms-to-be... show them this one!). Be kind. Be gentle. Be gracious.

Treat her (your amazing wife) with kid gloves for the first few weeks. If she sounds crazy, don't call her on it. Just love her through it and really lay the love on thick.

I remember when Parker was fresh out of the hospital (and the bilirubin lights -- poor guy had a bit of jaundice!). He was so little and so fragile and so breakable to my hormonal mind. I was afraid that a crazy disease would swoop in and take him from me. I remember, quite vividly, saying to my husband, "I cannot take him to the grocery store this winter. There are germs everywhere. I can't do it. You have to do all the grocery shopping through the winter months."

He said ok. He acted like it was no problem. He didn't tell me I was crazy.

And now that the winter months have arrived, my mind is a way calmer place, and I go to the grocery store like it is nooo big deal (three cheers for Bridget!). Parker is way more sturdy and less fragile to me. I realize he's a healthy little dude who can handle a cold or two if they come his way. Yes, I still bring hand santizier everywhere, but I don't avoid public places like the plague!

Again, three cheers for me! But, really, the unsung hero here is my husband who, despite having a crazy wife, didn't let on. He got a lot of points for that one.


  1. such a beautfiul example of a great husband. thanks for taking the time to share about the unsung hero in your life, bridget!

  2. i can so relate! i was like this with my firstborn. we didn't go to any public space for the first few months! great hubby you have too:-)

  3. What a great husband! In my case that didn't happen. The first day we brought Daniela to our home, Patrick, our dog, kissed (read lick) her entire face!


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