baby : 2 weeks

posted on: Saturday, January 21, 2012

Having a cuddle at two weeks tiny (last week).

Right now I'm just riding with the flow of this new little lady's needs : feed, change, cuddle, feed, cuddle, sleep, sleep, feed, change, get the picture. All of this cuddling is keeping me away from posting (sad) but it does give me time to read quite a bit over her chubby little shoulder (sooo cute).

Eventually I'd like to share our birth story with you but in the meantime I'd also love to share her growth here on baby space if you'd like to see?

3 week pictures and a bit about her name coming next...

p.s I did an interview about being a mama for with two cats a little while ago. You can read it here if you'd like.


  1. What a beautiful little girl you have Bron!
    Oh no....I think I'm getting clucky again!

  2. Oh yes please do share some photos. Our little man is 20 months old. How quickly we forget the early days of feed, snuggle, burb and sleep, repeat. During the first couple of months of our little guy's life he'd actually nap on my lap while I blogged, perfect. Then he got more active and that stopped!

  3. Just precious, Bron. You clever Mama, having these divine moments captured for eternity. Yes, I'm hanging out for her name! J x

  4. Oh yes, PLEASE post more baby updates!! I love them!

  5. Oh she's beautiful!! Congrats Bron! She's all kinds of squishy awesomeness... enjoy this magical, wonderful time.

  6. so tiny and sweet

    i like that you said 'OUR' birth story :) that gives me warmth inside

    baby is sleeping on me right now...while i slouch in the computer chair

  7. It's a little irritating that you are not telling the name.. but she sure is beautiful!! Congrats.

  8. Congratulations Bron, you both look beautiful! no rush just when you're ready, feel free to post what you like, when you like

  9. Divine! You two ladies look beautiful.

    Yes please keep us posted on the growth of that tiny girl x

  10. She's a darling Bron. Glad to hear you're taking each day of life with your precious newborn as it comes xx

  11. I recently saw my cousin's three month old baby and was "shocked" to see how little he was. It's amazing how you forget. But that littleness is so yummy, isn't it? You are both just gorgeous in this picture. I hope my number 2 is a little girlie girl! :)

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