merry christmas

posted on: Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Are you making any resolutions? This New Year I'm hopping on board with Fat Mum Slim for her photo-a-day January challenge. If you fancy checking out the goings-on in the baby space place you might like to pop over to Instagram or Twitter and take a squiz or join in. I'm not sure I'll make it every single day with a newborn, but for sure I'll be tweeting when the baby space baby makes his or her arrival :)

Have an awesome holiday season lovely people.

family portrait by the talented nan lawson.

the bump : 39 weeks

posted on: Thursday, December 22, 2011

top: the baby space bump at four weeks. check out my massive grin and pregnancy test pride. just a little bit excited there. bottom: the baby space bump at 39 weeks. time to come out little one!

I think the next time I post about the baby space baby he or she will be born. Hoorah! I am so curious to find out who has been growing here all these months and I think we are as ready as we'll ever be. We have a final list of names to choose from, the car capsule has been installed (thanks Danni from Rock-A-Bye-Baby Equipment Hire!) the baby hammock is up (caught in a nesting frenzy I just might have washed it twice. And ironed it) and we have been practising our Calmbirth breathing and massage. I can't wait. But first, there's Christmas.

fun stuff : christmas countdown

posted on: Tuesday, December 20, 2011

There are only five little days until Christmas! Have you done all your Christmas shopping? Thankfully we're all set in the baby space place. All that's left to do is to cook up some tasty treats for our day with the fam (and wait for the baby space baby to arrive :) Might we end up with a Christmas baby? Oh my).

If you're still looking for fabulous gift ideas you may want to check out the baby space gift guide and if you fancy being a winner on Christmas Eve you may want to enter our international Christmas Gift Giveaway full of lovely goodies valued at over $400 AUD. Good luck!

sweet image from kikki.k found on pinterest.

room for baby : into the woods

posted on: Monday, December 19, 2011

Resident baby space contributor, Belinda from Nest Design Studio interviewed Jac about her wee son Nickson's bold Utah space.

Jac wanted to create a masculine nursery that Nikson could grow with rather than having to change everything when he got older. An old trunk (above) left by the home's previous owners was turned into a nifty bookshelf.

Nikson loves the delicate leaf mobile handmade by Jac.

Vintage mountain man.

who lives here?
Nikson, 9 months-old in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.


"It is a theme that's classic and won’t have to be changed over time," says Jac. "The only updating I will want to do is to change his pictures as he grows.”

Antlers previously belonging to Nikson's grandfather add interest by the picture gallery.

“We love stripes and wanted to use them the best way we could for this small room," explained Jac. "Vertical stripes added to the height of the room and allowed for a more open feeling.” Jac used Valspar Eggshell finish in Tempered Grey and added contrasting vertical stripes behind the cot.

One word -- used,” says Jac. “We just repurposed most of our furniture. My favorite piece is the bookshelf which actually is an old trunk we found outside when we moved into the new house. It had the perfect amount of space for what we wanted to put in it."

“My favorite DIY is his aspen branch mobile. We just clipped a branch from outside and hung leaf skeletons. It really added to the woodland feeling we wanted to create. We repainted an old file cabinet from Pottery Barn, and we were given my mother’s rocking chair. Score!”

best buys
“The nine drawer vintage dresser was a steal on a local classified. And we were gifted the owl lamp from Target.”

top tip
“Be patient. You will be very surprised when pieces start catching your attention because you are on the prowl. Everything was totally worth the wait for us. We also were very specific when people asked us what they could give us for showers and parties. Plaid blankets, buffalo checks, deer artwork etc were all things I suggested and people responded. I am very grateful.”

Thank you so much Jac for sharing Nikson’s space with baby space!

room for kids : little tranquillity

posted on: Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wee resident Arwen, "Adores the little white porcelain bunny on her pretty shelf -- she pushes her wicker chair over to climb up and kiss it every day." says Mum, Jo.

As an interior designer and stylist, Jo carefully applied her attention to detail to all aspects of her daughter's space. "To add a lovely tactile feel to the room I chose pure white embossed cotton bed linen with a pretty branch pattern sewn into it," she explained. "On Arwen's bookcase are a green antiqued bird cage and a collection of vintage story books from her dad’s childhood."

Serene shabby chic meets new country style.

newborn essentials part one

posted on: Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Babies = stuff. Sometimes really, really cute stuff. Sometimes stuff that just makes it easier to get through the day. Here's part one of what the baby space baby will be using.

1.Going home outfit. How cute is it picking out baby's first outfit?! After rocking the teeny tiny gowns in the hospital the wee one is coming home in a white wrap romper with caramel polka dots (the one pictured above is white on white). It will be the middle of summer but we'll be coming from the hospital air conditioning so cotton with long sleeves and legs will be perfect. Originally I was looking for something in a soft lemon yellow but the preschooler was shopping with me and he took a fancy to this one. We also picked up booties to match.
Newborn wrap romper by Bebe by minihaha, approx $29.95 plus shipping from David Jones.

2. Car seat. Have baby, must travel. Capsules are so handy to tote around on school runs and outings but we didn't want to spend hundreds on a capsule that we will only need for six months. Solution? Hello capsule hire! We opted for the sleek Maxi Cosi Mico capsule plus two capsule bases as we have two cars at the moment. We're using the Sydney-based company Rock-A-Bye-Baby Equipment Hire who also do installation as a complimentary service. Bonus!
Maxi Cosi Mico capsule, approx $155 for six months hire, base/s extra from Rock-A-Bye-Baby Equipment Hire.

3. Stroller/pram. One of the key baby items that will be used for years. This time around we decided to go with the very popular Bugaboo. Because I had a dream. Yup. I dreamed that I was looking down at a pram and it had those iconic handles. The next morning I hopped onto eBay and there it was. In red. I love that the wee baby and I will be will face-to-face when we're strollin' and we'll also pop a skateboard on so the preschooler can catch a ride. We nabbed the old school Bugaboo Frog on eBay for only $300 AUD in a used but great condition.
Used and new Bugaboo prams, strollers and accessories are available on eBay.

4. Baby carrier. Honestly I would never have known to pick this carrier had I not had a fantastic experience when we borrowed one for the preschooler for backpacking around Asia earlier this year. The ERGObaby carrier rests on the hips which I found incredibly comfortable. I could wear it all day long -- and when we were travelling I did! It's really hardy and easy to clean (just pop it through the wash), has a sleeping hood so little heads don't loll and holds newborns to 18kg. We also grabbed a newborn insert which is needed for the first 4-6 months.
The Original ERGObaby carrier in Camel, approx $115 AUD plus shipping from ERGObaby.

5. High chair. This is the same high chair we used for the preschooler. We love it because it suits most interior schemes, has no complicated buckles, clips or padding and can be wiped down quick smart. Also it's an incredible bargain!
Ikea Antilop high chair with tray, approx $39.95 AUD from Ikea.

newborn essentials : part two

the bump : 36 weeks

posted on: Monday, December 5, 2011

the baby space bump at 36 weeks and two days.

Oops. That was a wee bit long between bump posts wasn't it? Last we checked in we were at 33 weeks and now here we are coming up to 37 weeks. 37?! That is a full term baby. That's an if-I were-having-an-elective-c-section it could happen next week kind of situation. But I'm not of course, and with both the baby space kiddos I went past my due date, which is apparently the case for around 70% of births, so we won't be blowing up that birthing pool just yet ;)

So what are the baby space baby's stats this week? Apparently the little thing is about the size of a bowling ball and weighs around 2.6kg. And yes, I am feeling it. See that serene, rested look in the picture? Not indicative of real life situation. Let's just say that the uncomfortable time has well and truly arrived.

Now that we're on the home stretch we plan to take it easy apart from the most basic holiday shenanigans like the preschooler's Christmas concert, (always soo cute to see the kiddos singing and dancing, I actually get teary. Do wee concerts effect you similarly?) Christmas with our wonderful folks and low-key visits with lovely friends.

If you're already a mama, can I ask -- did you feel the need to slow down pre-birth too? Or did you like to keep busy until the big birth day arrives? I'd love to hear!

p.s If you'd like to snaffle up some Christmas goodies we're having a couple of fun giveaways here and here :)

p.p.s Thank you for everyone who voted in the Soon Maternity Challenge and congrats to Kelsey from Snappy Casual who won!

christmas giveaway : gift extravaganza

posted on: Friday, December 2, 2011

Deck the halls it's that time of year! One lucky winner will be taking home all these goodies valued at approx $424 AUD this Christmas. Hoorah!

1. One delightful Australian handmade Dotty Dog plushie from High Maintenance Hippy valued at $25 AUD.

2. One personalised Print-it-Yourself Mini Me Paper Doll package PLUS one year membership to the Outfit of the Month Club (a new outfit every month for a year!) from Lily & Thistle valued at approx $26 AUD.

3. Your choice of one quality art print from ArtBuds. New Horizons by Nathan Spoor valued $85 AUD or Cat Genesis by Foi Jimenez Jurado valued at $110 AUD.

4. One Australian handcrafted Green Santa Sack from fabrik valued at $33 AUD.

5. The complete (three sets in one!) Girly Woodland Scene fabric wall decal set from (love)mae valued at approx $230 AUD.

Excited? Me too! To enter all you have to do is visit each site: High Maintenance Hippy on Etsy, Lily and Thistle, ArtBuds, fabrik and (love)mae and leave a comment on this post telling us why you'd love to win these items and/or your fave items in the respective stores. Happy browsing!

Giveaway closes at midnight, Sydney time on the 23rd of December 2011. The winner will be drawn by True Random Number Generator and announced in the comments on this post on the 24th of December 2011.
Be sure to leave your email address or check back on the 24th to see if you are the winner. This giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY. Good luck!

25 days of christmas : seventy tree

posted on: Thursday, December 1, 2011

Here's hoping your holidays are full them! Good Times print from approx $38 AUD plus shipping from the quirky taste master, Kerry Layton at Seventy Tree.

And that concludes our 25 days of Christmas shopping. Did you find something you liked?

Tomorrow is the start of our 2011 International Christmas Gift Giveaway so if you fancy, c'mon back for present time. Yay!

p.s Aussie folk still have a few days to enter the Mor-stor toy tub giveaway and all folk can enter the Soon Maternity comp to win the last $100 AUD voucher for maternity clothes and possibly the $500 voucher if the baby space bump wins. Congrats to Jennifer Henderson who won the first $100 voucher!

25 days of Christmas shopping inspiration for a wee self, a grown self or maybe even your self ;)
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