my favourite and my best : cushions for the kiddos

posted on: Wednesday, August 31, 2011

1. Alfamewa by Kaja Gościniak from muamua design, approx $22 AUD. 2. Favourite Place Pillow by Lucky Boy Sunday from Kiddo Store, approx $89 AUD. 3. Red Carp mini pillow by minimonos on Etsy, approx $32 AUD. 4. a little birdie called clive by haertzeena on Etsy, approx $25 AUD. 5. Customizable state/country pillow by lovecalifornia on Etsy, approx, $52.30 AUD. 6. Bulldog thread drawing plushie by KLT:works on Etsy, approx $19.40 AUD.

the bump : 21 weeks

posted on: Friday, August 26, 2011

the baby space bump. taken at our local beach.

So we're past the halfway mark and I'm feeling goood. Mid-second trimester may be the perfect pregnancy time. All is well and the baby space baby is kicking it up -- not enough to keep me awake at night but just enough to let me know when it's awake. (Mostly in the evenings and at meal time. I remember the preschooler did the same thing :) The anxiety of the early days has gone but I'm still physically comfortable.

I can't believe that in just over four months I will really have a brand new baby. When does it stop feeling surreal? I think not until after the birth -- even when it's number three! I'm trying to imagine and remember all the dynamics that come with a newborn. Will I want lots of company after the birth, or not?

Recently the gorgeous, and always hilarious, Bridget, gave birth to wee Parker and posted a funny list of tips for visiting new mums. I LOVE this list so I thought I'd share it with you too.

How to be the perfect house guest to a new mum
by bridget from tales of me and the husband

Numero uno.
If you are sick, stay home. That means you, sickie. The new mum will hear that cough, sniffle, sneeze even if you don't and she will give you the evil eye as you fill her sanitized home with germs. So, leave your dinner and gift on the doorstep and don't you even think about entering that house. Don't you do it!

inspired by : scandinavian details

posted on: Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Have you been hankering after a fresh yet lived-in Scandinavian style for the wee one? Then you may want to start with a neutral palette of all white -- including the floors -- or pale grey. Next step: create areas for little collections to live.

Strategically placed statement pieces can create a feeling of flow in a space that may otherwise seem mismatched. Here (above) the globe lamp gives a visual lead to the collection of neatly hung family photos while the bright felt garland draws the eye up toward the warmth and light of the window.
Use washi tape to gather a grouping of pretty postcards and snapshots alongside a string of simple lantern lights.
Kiddo-made collections are often the most individual and colourful. Transform a stark space by adding a gallery of your little one's creations.

Wee one fixated on one fave? You may want to frame their collections and add informative wall art of the same theme (like the butterfly chart above the bed).

If you're starting out with a nursery that hasn't been lived in yet, complimentary colour and fabric details (bunting, wall paint, tablecloth) are the easiest way to add fun while maintaining a uniform feel.

images: 1.hide and sleep 2. unknown 3.cinqmai 4- 6. unknown.

my favourite and my best : little blue day

posted on: Monday, August 22, 2011

Felt ball mat from Happy as Larry Designs as seen on Handmade Kids, approx $250 AUD or $261.60 USD.

hide and sleep

Personalised Birds on a Wire Canvas Art from Bright Star Kids, approx $54.95 AUD or $57.50 USD.

room for kids: strawberry and lemon gelato

posted on: Thursday, August 18, 2011

I've just completed this pink and yellow room for an eight-year-old girl. The colour combination is really one of my favourites.
This armoire (below) had been purchased previously by the client. I wanted to freshen it up with a modern feel so I used these fabulous locker style storage boxes which are both practical and fabulous.

Sweet and innocent with a fun, fresh edge. Pink and lemon remind me of gelato flavours which are sweet and bright which is exactly what this bedroom exudes.

who lives here?
' K', 8 years-old in Doncaster, Victoria, Australia.

I love using lanterns as they're such a cheap and cheerful way to create some extra interest in a room. The monogrammed 'K' pillow was bought via Etsy.

The armoire and matching bedside table were purchased by the client through Miss Tati & Friends.

best buys
The best buy was the artwork in the frames! These are just sheets of super cool wrapping paper. The cost was around $10 AUD and $59 AUD for the Ikea frames -- don't they look more expensive than that though?!

nicole's fave
The locker storage boxes -- I love all those colours together and they remind me of my school days!

top tip
If you want this look make sure you use bright, bold gelati colours wherever possible. If your pinks and lemons are too light I think it could look a bit wishy-washy and the room may lack vibrance.

fun stuff : stick art (the boys will love this too)

posted on: Tuesday, August 16, 2011

next door to magic

If you've got kids like mine you've spent the last twelve or so years finding little piles of sticks in random corners of the house where sticks don't really seem to belong.

Even though the piles are a bit grubby at best and a fire hazard at worst, I'm always reluctant to just chuck the carefully chosen bundles out. And now I've found the perfect solution.

Happy crafternoon :)

the bump : 19 weeks

posted on: Friday, August 12, 2011

the baby space bump at 19 weeks and four days. photo by the baby space teen who was much relieved to be off the road and in the park this week.

19 weeks was last Friday so actually I'm coming up to the halfway point and that calls for a nice sit-down in the green, green grass :) Despite the deceptive angle of this snap, things are really starting to grow in the baby space camp. And if you've blogged about this weighty topic lately, chances are I've already chimed in about my own tendency to pile on the pounds during pregnancy. Yep, I put on 22kg with the teen and 30kg with the preschooler.

Wary of the same fate befalling me again, this time I've taken extra precautions by sticking to super-healthy foods and doing regular exercise. How is this working out for me? It's pretty challenging actually. Even though I feel really well, I find myself thinking about food all the time. AND I'm still putting on quite a bit of weight. (In this pic I'm mostly sitting on it.)

Apparently one's metabolism speeds up while growing a wee person but I'm pretty sure mine comes to a screeching halt. I suspect my body really thinks the wee bub will starve if it doesn't hoard every calorie. Sigh. But of course this is a small price to pay for the privilege (and it does feel like a privilege to me, do you feel that way too?) of growing a new baby that in just five months will be coming to join our very excited family.

Oh, and we had THE scan and are still none the wiser. Boy? Girl? The preschooler is all set for him to join his 'group', while the teen has declared that she can join his group. Right now all we know is that it's looking like a perfectly healthy little baby space mango. Or perhaps a rockmelon. Love.

Have a fantastic weekend!

wee style: bobby brady

posted on: Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The baby space preschooler is really into his threads. He loves nothing more than wearing flares and skivvys and laying them out the night before day-care so he can admire his selection. His latest request was a pair of overalls so he could look like this guy.

room for baby : snow luxe

posted on: Monday, August 8, 2011

Natural light floods little Pearson's ivory room.

Pearson's mum, Amy, turned the gold frame around the mirror into a snow white border with artfully applied white lacquer.

Grown-up glam. Amy from House of Wentworth designed this pristine space for her daughter.

giveaway : wall stickers going home to...

Lesley Needham! Lesley said:

"(The) Outer Space Wall Stickers...would look great on the boys' bedroom wall. As I am in a rental I can't paint the walls but these removable stickers mean I can decorate easily without fuss."

Please send me your email address Lesley so you can receive your $60 AUD voucher from Bright Star Kids.

Thanks to everyone who entered and if you're still looking for some cheerful stickers to brighten up your wee space you may want to head over to Bright Star Kids to check out their fun range.

guest post : sweet grey spaces

posted on: Thursday, August 4, 2011

Why does grey work so well in the nursery? Today the baby space guest-post on with two cats ponders this surprising colour trend that's resulted in some super sweet wee spaces .

And I'd love to hear -- would you go grey in the nursery? Or do you prefer more classic nursery colours?
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