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posted on: Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wee resident Arwen, "Adores the little white porcelain bunny on her pretty shelf -- she pushes her wicker chair over to climb up and kiss it every day." says Mum, Jo.

As an interior designer and stylist, Jo carefully applied her attention to detail to all aspects of her daughter's space. "To add a lovely tactile feel to the room I chose pure white embossed cotton bed linen with a pretty branch pattern sewn into it," she explained. "On Arwen's bookcase are a green antiqued bird cage and a collection of vintage story books from her dad’s childhood."

Serene shabby chic meets new country style.

who lives here?
Arwen, 2.5 years-old in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

"Arwen has a love of animals and adventures, especially hooty owls, fluttery butterflies, jumping bunnies, sly little foxes and nesting birds, so I incorporated these into the room for her," said Jo. "She loves her dad's battered VW campervan so I stitched a textile picture in sea foam and white linen scraps to tie in beautifully with the colour palette and add texture to the new room. I custom make textile pictures now for my clients as part of my services at Hausstylish Interior Design and styling. You can see some of them at HausStylish or on my Facebook page. We both love the bunny on the bed -- it's called 'person'. It was mine as a child."

"I chose Taubmans Willow Herb for the walls which is a very serene soft green, and the ceilings and doors were painted in a shade of white called Taubmans Cotton Ball."


The wicker chair originally belonged to Arwen's Nanna,the little bookcase and ornamental shelving were from Ikea and the bed was from Early Settler.

Jo made the framed textile pictures and the paper ballet slippers hanging on the bed post. She also sanded the wicker chair, gave it a fresh coat of paint then further sanded it to give it a distressed finish.

Decorating and furnishing the space on a small budget was a bit of a challenge so Jo created some diy pieces and hunted for bargains.

best buys
"The lovely bed from Early Settler, it was only $199 AUD and adds a bit of character to the brand new room."

top tips
Jo says, "I think you can create this serene and soft look on any budget – the key is to stick to a simple colour scheme – like keeping most of the furniture and large pieces in white or cream and stick with one accent colour that is complimentary to the dominating colour -- I chose sea foam green as the main accent colour and didn’t stray from that."

Thank you so much Jo and Arwen for sharing your space with baby space!


  1. Absolutely STUNNING.

    And (yet again) inspiring :)


  2. Oh Golly Gosh..this makes me want to start on our nursery SO BADLY!! but we are in the midst of moving in the new year so I have been holding off.

    I have a new print added to my etsy store that I think you might like...lovely festive soft colours for a nursery..and am holding a giveaway all this week for some lucky follower to win any LDA print of thier choice...think you might want to jump onto this giveaway sleigh? ; ) xxxx

  3. I love every little detail. I'm not surprised she kisses him everyday, it's so cute!!! Makes me want to redecorate Daniela's room...and I think i will ;)

  4. That is an absolutely stunning room! I adore seafoam green and the heart over the bed is beautiful.

  5. What a gorgeous space. So.. pretty and natural.

  6. So serene and beautiful! I love it!


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