newborn essentials part one

posted on: Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Babies = stuff. Sometimes really, really cute stuff. Sometimes stuff that just makes it easier to get through the day. Here's part one of what the baby space baby will be using.

1.Going home outfit. How cute is it picking out baby's first outfit?! After rocking the teeny tiny gowns in the hospital the wee one is coming home in a white wrap romper with caramel polka dots (the one pictured above is white on white). It will be the middle of summer but we'll be coming from the hospital air conditioning so cotton with long sleeves and legs will be perfect. Originally I was looking for something in a soft lemon yellow but the preschooler was shopping with me and he took a fancy to this one. We also picked up booties to match.
Newborn wrap romper by Bebe by minihaha, approx $29.95 plus shipping from David Jones.

2. Car seat. Have baby, must travel. Capsules are so handy to tote around on school runs and outings but we didn't want to spend hundreds on a capsule that we will only need for six months. Solution? Hello capsule hire! We opted for the sleek Maxi Cosi Mico capsule plus two capsule bases as we have two cars at the moment. We're using the Sydney-based company Rock-A-Bye-Baby Equipment Hire who also do installation as a complimentary service. Bonus!
Maxi Cosi Mico capsule, approx $155 for six months hire, base/s extra from Rock-A-Bye-Baby Equipment Hire.

3. Stroller/pram. One of the key baby items that will be used for years. This time around we decided to go with the very popular Bugaboo. Because I had a dream. Yup. I dreamed that I was looking down at a pram and it had those iconic handles. The next morning I hopped onto eBay and there it was. In red. I love that the wee baby and I will be will face-to-face when we're strollin' and we'll also pop a skateboard on so the preschooler can catch a ride. We nabbed the old school Bugaboo Frog on eBay for only $300 AUD in a used but great condition.
Used and new Bugaboo prams, strollers and accessories are available on eBay.

4. Baby carrier. Honestly I would never have known to pick this carrier had I not had a fantastic experience when we borrowed one for the preschooler for backpacking around Asia earlier this year. The ERGObaby carrier rests on the hips which I found incredibly comfortable. I could wear it all day long -- and when we were travelling I did! It's really hardy and easy to clean (just pop it through the wash), has a sleeping hood so little heads don't loll and holds newborns to 18kg. We also grabbed a newborn insert which is needed for the first 4-6 months.
The Original ERGObaby carrier in Camel, approx $115 AUD plus shipping from ERGObaby.

5. High chair. This is the same high chair we used for the preschooler. We love it because it suits most interior schemes, has no complicated buckles, clips or padding and can be wiped down quick smart. Also it's an incredible bargain!
Ikea Antilop high chair with tray, approx $39.95 AUD from Ikea.

newborn essentials : part two


  1. I've thought about getting this high chair, purely for it's simplicity. I noticed it doesn't have a tray, so does it just scoot right up to a standard table?

  2. Hi Chelsea, the tray can be bought separately -- in Australia the $39.95 price tag includes the tray :)

  3. Love your choices! Looking forward to the rest of this series xox

  4. Fantastic choices:) I love that you had a dream about the bugaboo! I am thinking that I need to try a few of these!

  5. WE have the old school Bugaboo Frog that I got when I was preggers with Stella- in red as well! What I love(d) about it especially the color being in the city other cars (and pedestrians) could SEE us coming. not to mention its an amazing stroller. We also have the footboard so Stella can hitch a ride too. LOVE LOVE LOVE. A must buy for sure. Not giving mine up until the wheels fall off... which will be never.

  6. I can't wait to buy those things ;)

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  7. We too hired a capsule although Sophie is getting so heavy for me to carry in it :) The Ikea highchair is a great choice - SO easy to clean and not big and imposing like the others.

  8. This list is great, I'm just starting to get my head around what I need to buy and reading this post made me feel a bit calmer, thanks,


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