christmas giveaway : gift extravaganza

posted on: Friday, December 2, 2011

Deck the halls it's that time of year! One lucky winner will be taking home all these goodies valued at approx $424 AUD this Christmas. Hoorah!

1. One delightful Australian handmade Dotty Dog plushie from High Maintenance Hippy valued at $25 AUD.

2. One personalised Print-it-Yourself Mini Me Paper Doll package PLUS one year membership to the Outfit of the Month Club (a new outfit every month for a year!) from Lily & Thistle valued at approx $26 AUD.

3. Your choice of one quality art print from ArtBuds. New Horizons by Nathan Spoor valued $85 AUD or Cat Genesis by Foi Jimenez Jurado valued at $110 AUD.

4. One Australian handcrafted Green Santa Sack from fabrik valued at $33 AUD.

5. The complete (three sets in one!) Girly Woodland Scene fabric wall decal set from (love)mae valued at approx $230 AUD.

Excited? Me too! To enter all you have to do is visit each site: High Maintenance Hippy on Etsy, Lily and Thistle, ArtBuds, fabrik and (love)mae and leave a comment on this post telling us why you'd love to win these items and/or your fave items in the respective stores. Happy browsing!

Giveaway closes at midnight, Sydney time on the 23rd of December 2011. The winner will be drawn by True Random Number Generator and announced in the comments on this post on the 24th of December 2011.
Be sure to leave your email address or check back on the 24th to see if you are the winner. This giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY. Good luck!


  1. me me, pick me! :))) I've really enjoyed your whole Christimas list. Great sources.

  2. Oh Bron!! Just when I think you have held the best giveaway go and step it up a notch! YAY !!
    This is an amazing giveaway..and so many awesome products..which I would LOVE to win.
    I am creating a vintage / Retro theme for our baby's nursery and these items would look ever so perfect in his little room and complete the look perfectly.

    My favourite items from these stores are -

    I love the " Lets Play Library Retro Kit" from High Maintainance Hippy! Just gorgeous!

    From Mini Me Paper Doll Boutique I love the Boys Folk Tale Line!

    From Artbuds - The Embracing all that is precious would have to be my fav ; )

    From Fabrik - The Billie the kid doll is soooo cute!

    From Love Mae ( which I love) the Retro Woodland Decal set...would be perfect for the nursery and the colour scheme is exactly what Im after.

    OH BOY OH BOY OH going to keep my fingers and toes crossed for this one!

    Thanks so much Bron and all your contributors to this super fantastic Christmas giveaway! (Cmon Santa...send your sleigh this way ) ; ) x

  3. Hi! What a fabulous giveaway! These are my favourite items:
    High Maintenance Hippy= Amigurumi Pals -Blank Greeting Card with Recycled Envelope
    Lily and Thistle=Print Yourself Paper Doll Party Package
    ArtBuds= the Love print
    Fabric= Christmas bunting
    and (love)mae= oh deer girly
    Thank you and Merry Christmas everyone! martaplayita [at] gmail dot com

  4. How gorgeous, What a fantastic giveaway!!
    It has been very hard to choose from all the items, my absolute favourites, however items that really took my eye were...

    From High Maintenance Hippy- Dotty Dogs
    Lily and Thistle- Ultimate paper doll package
    Fabric- Billy the Kid Doll
    ArtBuds- Love Print
    and (love)mae Woodland Scene Earthy

    Thank you and Merry Christmas xxx

  5. Yesiree Bob! That would be the girls sorted for Christmas!
    High Maintenance Hippy: Vintage fabric tape and grey felt dotty dog

    Lily and Thistle: Fairy Tale line paper doll outfits

    Art Buds: Jurado's Mi Festival , Ben Robertsons's Beetle

    Fabrik: Any clothing at all but those fabric stars are perfect!

    Love Mae: Forest Critters Girly and the wall swallows.

    No. I couldn't pick just one favourite for some but thanks for the wonderful new sites!

  6. Such lovely pieces here, I'd have to say though I am a massive fan of Love, Mae products and would love to cover my little girls room in a whole forest. She's just learning her animals so it would be a perfect Christmas present. Oh and those dotty dogs would be a great cuddler too :)

  7. Wow, this is one fabulous giveaway!
    Great browsing these lovely sites too. So...
    Love the High Maintenance Hippy dotty dogs, my daughter would love these too!
    And she would adore the Fairy tale line outfits from Lily &Thistle -what a gorgeous idea!
    The Cats Genesis is so happy and colorful it is hard to go past, but also love Beetle.
    A fabrik Santa sack for my new baby would be priceless, and her sister reckons her favourite colour will be green!
    And finally, The girly woodland is perfect for both my littlies.

    I would love to win these prizes as my girls have been displaced from our home while we've been renovating lately and hoping to get back in for Christmas. My baby hasn't even slept in her room yet so these things would help to make it perfect for her, finally!

    Thanks for a great giveaway.

  8. I absolutely love the Girly Woodland Scene fabric wall decal set, it's gorgeous!

    Great giveaway, thank you for organising it!

  9. me me, pick me! :))) I've really enjoyed your whole Christimas list. Great sources.
    Thanks for a great giveaway, what a pretty range of pressies.

    My favourite items from these stores are -
    High Maintainance Hippy- Librarian Kit ( emma just loves reading)
    All of the paper dolls are adorable.

    From Artbuds - rainbow connection would be perfect for my room

    From Fabrik - love heart t in gray

    From Love Mae -dino dinner set
    Ive got my fingers crossed
    x cinti

  10. I think this is just such a sweet little collection! My christmas shopping list is growing bigger each year so this would be a BIG help!
    Here are my top picks!
    1/ I adore the Vintage tape from High Maintenance Hippy! I can see myself getting a bit happy with that tape patching things up!
    2/ TheFairy Tale Line Paper Doll Outfits looks so adorable!
    3/ Wow!! I am in love with the prints by Foi Jimenez Jurado at ArtBuds! Loving Rainbow Connection!
    4/ Fabrik has the best ever sleeping bag that I have ever seen! Love the pink, so much more breathable and no more noisy rustling sleeping bags!
    5/ Well I love everything of Love maes! I think the pantry labels would be so cool to pretty up my pantry with!

    Fingers crossed!

  11. Wow, what a fantastic comp, my favourite out of these is the Girly Woodland scene fabric wall decal set. It is so lovely and would look fab in my little girl's room!

  12. Wow this is one of the most, if not the most generous give away I have ever come across, How can I resist.

    High Maintenance Hippy: a dotty dog, only because I am hankering for a real one (oneday). The Vintage Happy Brithday cards are awesome too.

    Lily and Thistle: Fairy Tale line paper doll outfits

    Art Buds: Gatherer or Lemon Juicer by Charlie Immer

    Fabrik: Maeve Doll or the Bunting!

    Love Mae: The Pantry Labels or Saisons.

    Thanks for intoducing me to some lovely new sites! I've enjoyed exploring them.

  13. Ooooh!

  14. Wow, I am so excited these are all wonderful alone let alone all together talk about a fabulous christmas prize!

    At High Maintenance Hippy I LOVE the gray dog, he is adorable and perfect for my little man on the way!

    From Print-it-yourself Mini Me paper doll I love the fairy tale package. My two daughters would love those, I might just have to get some anyway!

    At Artbuds I love the Full Moon Triptych: Almost, Challenge, View it is such a gorgeous serious that would finish off a girls room perfectly!

    From Fabrik I adore the Little Helper Apron, so cute!

    From (Love) mae I can't stop loving the gilrly woodland scene

    They are all wonderful and such cute stores!

  15. What a fabulous giveaway!

    These are my favourite items:
    High Maintenance Hippy= A Dotty Dog
    Lily and Thistle= Girl´s Winter line 201o
    ArtBuds= rainbow connection
    Fabric= Jane dress
    Love(mae)= Dress Up Doll


  16. Oh my what an amazing giveaway!
    I had so much fun browsing the stores too, here are my favorites:
    High maintenance hippy - love the let's play library retro idea. That would keep my girls busy for hours.
    Mini me - the fairy tale line paper doll outfits would be a huge hit.
    Art buds - the love print would certainly be much loved here.
    Fabrik - wow what a store. My baby would look great in the pink confetti print play suit.
    Love Mae - most definitely the butterflies (girls), of which I think I will have to purchase now anyway because they are so cute.

    Very excited about this giveaway - thank you very much.

  17. All lovely, soooo hard to choose, but here goes...

    HMH: vintage fabric tape, because it reminds me of my pretty vintage sheets that I can't bear to cut into.

    L&T: ultimate paper doll package, what big or little girl wouldn't want one of these.

    Fabrik: blue floral personalised Christmas stocking, I can just see my name embroided on one of these and, I have to add, that I love love LOVE fabrik's Christmas pic, that concrete statue is wonderful.

    love mae: the rain clouds, these are so sweet, nothing grey or dreary about them.

    This is a lovely give-away, thanks for the opportunity to win such gorgeous prizes...someone is going to be very lucky/happy indeed x

  18. Wow, what an incredible contest! Good luck to everyone! I love the Fabrik shop, I've never heard of it and it's full of incredible dresses for girls. Love it. I also love the paper dolls. That would be high on my daughter's xmas wish list. : )

  19. You cannot imagine just how perfect these beautiful gifts would be for my little girl! I have actually been searching for a wall decal for her room but haven't really found anything that I liked, until oh wow!!! and best of all she absolutely loves deers:) I just want to say - these are amazing!!! so beautiful!!! Thanks for running such an amazing comp!!!! Krystie-Lee

  20. Such a great selection of stores - discovered some new favourites. What a generous giveaway!

    I would love to win and share the goodies between my daughters and nieces!

    My favourite items from each store are:

    A Dotty Dog for sure from High Maintenance Hippy - so cute!

    The Ultimate Paper Doll Package from Lily and Thistle

    From ArtBuds - The Full Moon Triptych: Almost, Challenge, View

    From fabrik - the whole store! Number one choice would be the girls Patchwork quilt!

    lovemae - love their new dinnerware range - Eat Like a Bird set.

  21. Such a gorgeous selection of goodies for Christmas! How exciting!
    This is my baby girl's first Christmas, but what a chance to gather some heirlooms!

    I love everything! Especially these:

    The little yellow Dotty Dog plushie from High Maintenance Hippy-too cute!

    The standard paper doll package from Lily and Thistle

    The "Love" print by Lilly Blue from Artbuds is just gorgeous!

    Love the Santa Sacks and cute bloomers and rompers by fabrik

    The Girly Woodland Scene, message tiles, rainclouds and oh deer are my favs from (love)mae!

    But who needs to be picky with such a generous giveaway! Thanks so much for the chance to win these beautiful treasured pieces.

    Bek xx

  22. The lovemae website was gorgeousgorgeousgorgeous. I didn't think I was a fan of decals but I would put up the woodlands decal in a heartbeat because I have a special place in my heart for woodland imagery. I was even planning in my head where it could go in the nursery!

  23. Hi there, This is such a lovely giveaway. Thank you for hosting it. We are due with our first baby, a girl, just a week after the baby space baby! This giveaway would help us to finish up her room in a beautiful and unique way. I love the idea of personalized paper dolls. I think I am actually about 5 years old at heart, so I can't wait for our baby to start playing with toys, etc so I can play too!
    Thanks again and very happy holidays!
    ~ Bridget

  24. Oh what fun. Such a wonderful giveaway just in time for Christmas. I had such fun looking at all the different was so hard to choose favourites but here goes:

    High Maintenance Hippy - The Lets Play Library: Retro Old School Make Believe Kit: Pink

    Lily and Thistle - The Fairy Tale Line Paper Doll Outfits are just divine

    Art Buds - Lemon Juicer

    Fabrik - Juggling Balls (girl colourway)

    Love Mae - Woodland Scene (girly)

    Thank you so much :-)

  25. I have enjoyed browsing these cute sites, my favourites are

    High Maintenance Hippy - A Dotty dog

    Lilly and Thistle - The Standard paper doll package

    ArtBuds - Mi Festival

    Fabrik - Josephine Dress size 2

    Love mae - Eat like a bird dinner set
    Now these were my favourites but I could easily choose many more. Thanks for the links to some great sites.

  26. Gorgeous giveaway! I like this:

  27. Such a lovely giveaway! I absolutely adore everything! I would love to win the dog plushie and the wall decal set for my 7 year old sister, she would love the girly prints! She would also have fun with the mini me paper doll... I don't think she's ever played with paper dolls so this would be a first. I would personally love the green santa sack-it sure would make gifts easy!
    Thanks so much :)

    vandango33 at gmail dot com

  28. oh my. Who wouldn't want to be blessed with these goodies.
    Wish list from the amazing sites:
    Dotty dog from high maintenance hippy would make my pup crazy little one's heart sing.
    Lilly and thistle: truly any of those doll sets look amazing.
    Artbuds: love the love print.
    Fabrik: rosebud cami or A maeve doll.
    Lovemae: the woodland girly scene is amazing, little miss has some lonely MAE birds that could use the critter company!
    Fingers, toes crossed;)
    X ashley

  29. What a fantastic giveaway! I love it all... after trying for 9 years I am finally pregnant, with a little girl, and am so excited about finally being able to set up the nursery etc - and have just spent hours poring over these beautiful sites. If I won this I would be delighted beyond belief! I have too many favourites -I am now already planning next years Christmas gifts for my all my nieces as well...
    thank you for such a generous giveaway!
    Pepper x

  30. Wow, so much awesome gear! I love the retro library play kit from high maintainance hippy, flash backs to the old days, man, etsy so rocks!

  31. Cool giveaway :)
    I like the Dotty Dogs from High Maintenance hippy
    The ultimate paperdoll package from Lily and Thistle
    The "Love"print from Artbuds
    The girls patchwork quilt from Fabrik
    and the melamine "Eat like a Bird" dinnerware from Love Mae

    Thanks for the opportunity - love all of this stuff and found some new shops too!

  32. oh, also, email.

  33. just catching up here and me oh my this is generous. my email - jodiclairewilson @ yahoo (dot) come (dot) au


  34. People are so clever! Thanks for introducing me to Dotty Dog!

  35. What a lovely way to celebrate Christmas!

    I'm loving the:

    * Lets Play Library - Retro Old School Make Believe Kit in Pink from High Maintenance Hippy

    *Fairy Tale Line Paper Doll Outfits from Lily and Thistle Mini Me

    *"Love" print from Artbuds

    *Sea Side Swimsuit from Fabrik

    & last but not least,

    *Forest Critters (girly) stickers from Love Mae


  36. finally getting around to entering're a giveaway master!...i'm digging:

    *Lets Play Library - Retro Old School Make Believe Kit (such a cute idea)
    *any of the paper dolls from lily and thistle
    *am in love with the 'love' print on artbuds (great site)
    *think the stella dress at fabrik is super sweet
    *ANYTHING from lovemae

    why i'd love to win? would make a pretty special birthday pressie...(my birthday's on xmas eve!)

    merry xmas miss baby space.

  37. Wow this is one sensational giveaway! To win this would certainly make our Christmas VERY Merry and would be amazing to share with my daughter who has her birthday around this time too, so I feel she gets a little forgotten.

    *High Maintenance Hippy: I love the 'Lets Play Library' Retro Old School Make Believe Kit - Pink. This would be wonderful to role play with my children and would become a great first library bag for my little book worm.
    *Lily and Thistle: Where has this shop been all my life! Totally love it and want to buy the Ultimate Paper Doll Package for myself (but will share with my littlies).
    *ArtBuds: Embracing all that is Precious by Lily Blue is just gorgeous. Love the beautiful message and colours in this print.
    *fabrik: My daughter would look extra sweet in the Heirloom Dress in blue.
    *(love)mae: We adore the girl's woodland wall stickers that you are giving away. This would compliment my daughter's bedroom with the soft colours and the current woodland sweeties we have in there.

    Thanks for the chance - good luck to every one and Merry Christmas!

  38. How, oh how, can I ever choose a favourite? Those pages are exquisite - all of them!

    If I HAD to be picky, Fabrik had my heart-a-beating. I fell in love with a fair few of their adorable dresses.

    You're a real connoisseur of taste!

  39. Wow, awesome!!! i want to try ))) love everything here ))) Marina ))


    Congratulations to Tam from life, love, clutter and other beautiful things, you are the winner of the baby space 2011 Christmas Gift Giveaway!

    Thanks everyone for playing, wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  41. Oh wow!! I can't believe I won all these beautiful things. Thank you so much!!!

    Tam ( )


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