the bump : 39 weeks

posted on: Thursday, December 22, 2011

top: the baby space bump at four weeks. check out my massive grin and pregnancy test pride. just a little bit excited there. bottom: the baby space bump at 39 weeks. time to come out little one!

I think the next time I post about the baby space baby he or she will be born. Hoorah! I am so curious to find out who has been growing here all these months and I think we are as ready as we'll ever be. We have a final list of names to choose from, the car capsule has been installed (thanks Danni from Rock-A-Bye-Baby Equipment Hire!) the baby hammock is up (caught in a nesting frenzy I just might have washed it twice. And ironed it) and we have been practising our Calmbirth breathing and massage. I can't wait. But first, there's Christmas.


  1. Oh my, already 39 weeks!!! You look amazing and I'm so curious!!! Wish a you a merry merry xmas!!

  2. oh Bron, you are so beautiful! What a journey in between those two photos, huh. I cannot wait to hear your good news. Happiest holidays to you and yours lovely lady. And all the very best for your labour. It's going to be a piece of cake (positive thinking!). Bisous bisous xx

  3. ps: are we going to be allowed to take a peek into your baby space, i.e. the nursery? (I'm being a total stalker, huh!). xx

  4. Soooo excited for you Bron....wishing you a safe and smooth delivery and cannot wait to meet the little occupant who has been filling that baby space for the last 9 months ; ) What better Christmas present could you ask for. Sending big hugs and lots of love and positive light your way.

    Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas.
    Anna x

  5. You are one of those women who really suits pregnancy or vice versa! How thrilling to be so close! It is such a wonderful finishing touch to Christmas for you! Looking forward to your photos!

  6. Merry Christmas, Bron. You are just so gorgeous.

    Can't wait to see your beautiful new baby ... what a wonderful present for your whole family.

    I feel the love!!

  7. Oh BRON!!!!!

    Those photos made my heart swell with love, pride & excitement FOR you!

    Have a wonderful last week, have a wonderful Christmas, & I think I speak on behalf of all ...

    We ALL can't wait to meet who has been growing inside you either!

    So much love xx

  8. this is gorgeous. YOU are gorgeous. I actually miss pregnancy sometimes - such a special time. Blessings to you in these last days B...I'll be thinking of you.

    Om shanti sukha om - joyous and peaceful birth. Swim little baby, swim ;)

  9. Oh Bron, you gorgeous girl. What a sweet idea to take those photos, you clever thing! Wishing you only the best and looking forward to hearing your news - all in good time, mind! J x

  10. Oh what a wonderful pair of photos! Next one will have to be you breastfeeding or holding bub on the bed :)

    Best wishes for a beautiful, safe birth and a gorgeous healthy baby! See you in the new year Mumma! x

  11. You are one hot mama! You are so beautiful! I cannot wait to hear of the arrival! Keep us posted! Merry Christmas & Merry Baby!

  12. These photos are so sweet.
    Blessings for a beautiful birth. x

  13. What a seriously STUNNING pregnant woman you are. Wow. Have a very Merry Christmas with that new little bundle of yours (hopefully arriving shortly!). I can't wait until next time you post.

  14. You looking amazing!
    Congratulation for going so far with your pregnancy!
    Merry Christmas.
    xxx Agata

  15. Good luck momma!
    Merry Christmas!!

    I hope you have an amazing delivery!

  16. You guys are seriously too kind! Thank you so much for your lovely words and wishes, I will be taking all this kindness with me to the birth and beyond.

    And YES! I will be posting about the baby space nursery...the preschooler's room has to have a bit of a makeover ;)

  17. Beautiful in both pictures lady! Can you believe our little ones are nearly here? Have a fantastic Christmas, lots of live xx

  18. I love your blog Bron. Good luck with everything. Can't wait to see pics post-bump. xx

  19. Wow time fly by so fast don't you think. remember when I got the message that I was pregnant, an unbelivable day in February - now the baby 11 weeks old plays and laughts with his grandmother :D Have a super Xmas and can't wait to see pictures of the little one soon.

  20. Safe delivery ---love from the PARAISOs

  21. Definitely two amazing pictures! Wonderful how the camera can capture these precious moments so well. Great to have met you through IG!

    Love Maaike

  22. oh don't you look amazing! i love love love this idea and these two photos together!!!

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