the bump : 36 weeks

posted on: Monday, December 5, 2011

the baby space bump at 36 weeks and two days.

Oops. That was a wee bit long between bump posts wasn't it? Last we checked in we were at 33 weeks and now here we are coming up to 37 weeks. 37?! That is a full term baby. That's an if-I were-having-an-elective-c-section it could happen next week kind of situation. But I'm not of course, and with both the baby space kiddos I went past my due date, which is apparently the case for around 70% of births, so we won't be blowing up that birthing pool just yet ;)

So what are the baby space baby's stats this week? Apparently the little thing is about the size of a bowling ball and weighs around 2.6kg. And yes, I am feeling it. See that serene, rested look in the picture? Not indicative of real life situation. Let's just say that the uncomfortable time has well and truly arrived.

Now that we're on the home stretch we plan to take it easy apart from the most basic holiday shenanigans like the preschooler's Christmas concert, (always soo cute to see the kiddos singing and dancing, I actually get teary. Do wee concerts effect you similarly?) Christmas with our wonderful folks and low-key visits with lovely friends.

If you're already a mama, can I ask -- did you feel the need to slow down pre-birth too? Or did you like to keep busy until the big birth day arrives? I'd love to hear!

p.s If you'd like to snaffle up some Christmas goodies we're having a couple of fun giveaways here and here :)

p.p.s Thank you for everyone who voted in the Soon Maternity Challenge and congrats to Kelsey from Snappy Casual who won!


  1. I just hope you stay germ free!

    I had a baby 3.5 weeks ago and I am on my second cold! My sweet little toddler brought them both home to mommy...and no amount of hand washing saved me (weakened immune system- sucks)

    YOU LOOK FAB! Almost there!

  2. Oh Bron, I hear you. I am just over the 7.5 mnth mark and already feel totally over it. The back pain is unbearable at times not to mention the sore feet and just not being able to get comfortable...and I still have a wee way to go.

    when I look at that image of you..I think...OMG..thats how I look now! Think he is going to be a BIG bubba.

    But what is comforting is that I feel little baby wiggling around alot..and that is comforting and keeps me excited about meeting him soon.

    Hope you manage to take it easy and squeeze in alot of R& R time.

    Its great that you have the silly season to keep your mind off things and your spirits high.

    Thinking of you , wishing you a great week x

    Anna x

  3. Looking absolutely lovely there!

    Mmmm. I think slowing down depends on personality. I definitely feel an almost primal surge to slow down, retreat and go inwards...I feel it coming and I'll honour I'm quite sure I'll turn off my computer in a few weeks so that I can concentrate on Christmas, looking after my family and of course, me and my growing babe!


  4. You look positively radiant! I swear last year at this time I looked NOTHING like you! As for the time of 37 week till delivery... well it was 1 week exactly! I started labor pains ON Stella's birthday (at her party!) I was not due til 12/28, but I did not care I had to have the best 3rd birthday party ever, even if that meant heading to the hospital. Thankfully the contractions stopped... but really it went on for a week! (PS I was 4 cm dialated too!) I ended up having Ruby 12/18, the day after Stella's school Xmas party, just in time for Christmas break. To say I took it easy was a lie. Ruby was still 10 days early, and I think its bc I was running like a mad woman! This year is nuts with the girls bdays 7 days apart, this week its crunch time for the joint 4th & 1st birthday party! Wish me tons of luck! I will tell you both the girls the 11th and the 18th are great bdays! ;0)

  5. Wow, I don't remember having such a big belly. You look beautiful! I posted photos from Daniela's Baptism!

  6. How exciting! I always love anticipated births. I needed a lot of nanna naps in the last weeks but did things like painting all the kitchen cupboards and stripping the bedside cabinet in situ. It is such a surreal time. Enjoy those last few weeks!

  7. Hey Glamour Mama! You look gorgeous.

    When I was pregnant I had a to-do-list that I had written up in a more energetic stage...and by 36 weeks I was allowing myself to neglect the unchecked boxes. I certainly did slow down and gave myself permission to just read, meet friends for coffee, take walks with K...and you know what? The spare room didn't get the thorough tidy I was planning on, the tax didn't get done (but it has now mr tax man), I didn't freeze any meals...but I don't regret a thing. I had a lovely gentle lead up to the birth of Saskia.

    Enjoy that concert. I'd need to take tissues too.

  8. Oh how I've missed your blog over the last few weeks, am having a little catch up now as it's one of my faves. Will visit more regularly now that things are a bit less hectic around here.

    My final weeks of pregnancy were definitely wind down ones. While I had lots of energy before the 36 week mark and tried to cross as much as I could off my to do list, but around the stage you are now, I was in definite 'go-slow' mode. I just enjoyed simple pleasures like spending time with Grace, going for coffees etc. I made sure the essentials on my to do list were done (like pack labour bag etc.) but other things like 'tidy study' i didn't get around to and at the end of the day, it didn't matter. Being rested for the labour and early days with a newborn were much more important.

    Take care lovely xx

  9. Forgot to say you are positively glowing! x

  10. You look gorgeous! I went mad when I was heavily pregnant. I literally painted the whole flat and re-arranged everything. I was re-arranging the kitchen cupboards whilst in labour! :) x

  11. loving the pic of yoU!

  12. I can't believe you are almost there! It's been lovely to watch you grow this beautiful belly. You look incredible future mama of three! BIsous

  13. Each pregnancy was different. Had more energy torwards the end with my son and wayyy less with my daughter! The second trimester is always the best for me!

    You look radiant!

  14. Shannon -- I hope I stay germ free too! Boo that you are on your second cold. Not nice. But CONGRATULATIONS on your sweet new arrival!

    Anna White -- I'm pretty sure I look much bigger in real life: baby bump and self! Hope you get some rest too :)

    Nicole -- I like your style mama, think I may follow suit.

    Marla -- in person I feel VERY bulky. What energy you had this time last year! Am sure Stella appreciated it. Good luck with the birthdays of your gorgeous girls!

    Thanks Gabriela! WIll pop over to check out Daniela's pictures :)

    Annie -- ohmy with the painting energy :) Yes, nanna naps are the way to go. Thanks for the encouragement.

    Thanks Claire! Am really appreciating hearing about how others spent this time. Think I shall likewise give myself permission to just 'be' as you did :)

    Amanda -- I thought of you back when you were pregnant with Sophie the other day when *I* couldn't push the shopping trolley properly! Thank you also for the encouragement, it means so much.

    Thanks Crystal! Wow, that nesting bug really got you :) I remember obsessively wiping kitchen counters towards the end of pregnancy with the teen.

    Thanks ms composure!

    Thank you lovely Franglaise :)

    Anna -- I've had quite different experiences too -- def had the most energy this pregnancy but also def ready to chill out now :)

  15. Oh Bron. The first word which came to mind when I saw you was 'serene'! You are just glowing, you gorgeous girl. I'm so excited down here in Hobart, waiting patiently for the news ☺. J x

  16. you look amazing! i hope you're feeling good too.

    from about 37 weeks on i become a bit of a hermit and stay at home and ready the nest. take it easy and potter about. but i like to do that even when i'm not about to give birth?!

    hope it all goes beautifully.


  17. Wow, you really are the most gorgeous mum-to-be-again out there.. Can't wait to see the little newbie soon!

  18. you look amazing! i hope i look that great at 36 weeks! thanks for the mention, dear. can't wait to read about your delivery! very soon! :)


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