25 days of christmas : seventy tree

posted on: Thursday, December 1, 2011

Here's hoping your holidays are full them! Good Times print from approx $38 AUD plus shipping from the quirky taste master, Kerry Layton at Seventy Tree.

And that concludes our 25 days of Christmas shopping. Did you find something you liked?

Tomorrow is the start of our 2011 International Christmas Gift Giveaway so if you fancy, c'mon back for present time. Yay!

p.s Aussie folk still have a few days to enter the Mor-stor toy tub giveaway and all folk can enter the Soon Maternity comp to win the last $100 AUD voucher for maternity clothes and possibly the $500 voucher if the baby space bump wins. Congrats to Jennifer Henderson who won the first $100 voucher!

25 days of Christmas shopping inspiration for a wee self, a grown self or maybe even your self ;)


  1. I like that picture... I didn'T do any christmas shopping at all yet...

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  2. I did enjoy your 25days of shopping and have started to get stocking stuffers lately. I love that fluo print from Kerry. I'm hoping to add that print to my wall soon!

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