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posted on: Tuesday, November 8, 2011

When Catherine set about decorating her daughter's room she focused on collecting unique pieces she loved . "I don’t really like typical retail shop items that you see everywhere," Catherine admitted. "I like to find one-off unique things and bring them back to life."

Layers of pink, cream and white bring an air of old school sweetness to the space.

Shabby chic.

who lives here?
Rihanna, 3, in Prahran, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

The commode was from Carina Sherlock, the swallows were from Robert Gordon. The suitcases, horse, pram, teapot and trike were all found at markets and revamped by Catherine. The pompoms were from Petit Atelier, the bone china deer was from Have You Met Miss Jones and the wardrobe was from eBay.

Off white colour with a wall decal.

The French commode was from Carina Sherlock and the chair was from eBay and refurbished by Catherine.

Catherine gave a white paint makeover to the wardrobe, the vintage suitcases and the vintage pram (which was originally blue) and a pink paint makeover to the owl, the teapot (originally silver metal) and the reticulated plate. Catherine also made the embroidered hoops using different shabby fabrics.


"Painting everything was the hardest as it was very time consuming! Aside from that nothing really, just waiting for things to arrive – or finding TOO many things that I loved and trying to squeeze them into the room somehow. I just moved things around until I managed to get it all in there somehow without it looking too crowded."

best buys
The vintage pram and wall decals were $30 AUD each and the suitcase set was $10 AUD.

The proud owner of the space, wee Rihanna.

top tips
Catherine says, "Buy what you really love from the very start; don’t skimp. Decorate the room with what suits it best and brings out its good points. Really look at the room, understand its era/theme and buy things that bring out these points and do it justice. Sell unwanted items on ebay to fuel your funds for the next purchase!"

Thank you so much Catherina and Rihanna for sharing your space with baby space!


  1. What a calm and gentle room. I love those swallows. Where in Robert Gordon did she find them?

  2. you can find the swallows at :)

  3. aww what a super cute design! I'm in love :)

  4. Wow. I LOVE this room!!! Perfect colour palette!


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