the bump : 33 weeks

posted on: Thursday, November 17, 2011

oh hello wee baby. you have been doing some mighty fine growing in there. seems we're measuring on average for everything: fundal height, your estimated weight -- the lot. we had a 4D scan and got to see your super-cute face. right now you are looking a lot like your brother with chubby cheeks and lots of hair.

recently your dad and I went to our calmbirth weekend and left feeling excited about your arrival and empowered to birth you which is pretty awesome. your dad is being so supportive and encouraging and our obstetrician is right on board with our plans so I'm feeling really great about our birth team.

your brother just had his fourth birthday and now he's counting down to your arrival. he's been counting down with events -- first his birthday, then christmas, THEN the baby is coming (you!).

it's getting pretty warm out here, the forecast is for a steamy, rainy summer (can you tell I'm sweating like a piglet in this photo?) but I bet the temperature is just fine where you are.

stay snug little one, we'll see you soon!


  1. Oh how lovely! I love the count down. What an exciting time for you. x

  2. You look gorgeous! I'm very happy for you!

  3. I just love following your pregnancy. Love the images and the text that touch me to tears. You look so lovely. I remember being 33 weeks pregnant with my little boy...he's 6 weeks now so it feels so long ago...

  4. Love the dress. So cute in stripes. xx

  5. You're looking absolutely gorgeous. This is a sweet picture of the two of you. x

  6. Hello lovely lady and wee baby! Nothing better than a pregnant lady in stripes I say :)

    Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog lately - I have been so touched by everyone's heartening words...

    Although you have a while to go, am already wishing and hoping for a calm and wonderful birth for you. Sounds like you are well on your way with the calmbirth weekend (we found that super helpful - and more than anything, a treasured time to spend with each other thinking about the little being we were going to be bringing into the world).

    Love and light. x

  7. It is great to hear that, someone new are coming in family and this news make really happy o every one.

  8. congratulation to coming your new baby.


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