25 days of christmas : iphone pretty

posted on: Monday, November 14, 2011

At the top of my list this Christmas is the Hare for iPhone 4 capsule featuring art by Marco Cibola. Have you stumbled across Uncommon before? If you fancy a pretty iPhone cover you may want to peruse the designs by their community of talented artists. Or if you are an artist yourself you may want to submit one of your own designs (there are royalties), or you may want to personalise your iPhone cover with a snapshot of your own. Oh the options!

The Hare for iPhone 4 capsule is approx $39.00 AUD plus shipping from the USA. As seen on with two cats.

25 days of Christmas shopping inspiration for a wee self, a grown self or maybe even your self ;) Enjoy!


  1. now that is pretty! i just switched to blackberry and the accessories are not nearly as fun!

  2. So beautiful. I feel like I should have one for me and one for my boo. Keep sharing such interesting products.
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