my favourite and my best : coat racks

posted on: Monday, October 3, 2011

Oh, hello delightful design piece.

A place to hang coats and bags. Useful? Yes. Funky? Could be.

Mid-Century modern, contemporary art or vintage -- do you have a fave?

Eames Hang-It-All as seen on Varpunen, approx $206 AUD plus shipping from Modernseed. Or nab the replica approx $75 AUD from Matt Blatt. 2. It's Beautiful Here handmade coat rack, approx $465 AUD from Ikhaya, as seen in Peppermint Magazine and Oh Happy Day. 3. Vintage accordian coat rack on Etsy, approx $17 AUD plus shipping as seen on Bleubird Vintage.


  1. Love the vintage accordian coat rack, perhaps painted in a white wash or a pastel?! xox

  2. I have always had a hankering for a hang it all but worry that my kids would cover it in so much stuff that it would not be seen! How's that lovely bump going?

  3. i love the wooden accordion type- I have a dark wood one in my girls' playroom holding a plethora of tutus!


  4. The first two are my favorite! love them!!

  5. We're searching for the perfect coat-rack for the baby's room right now. And I can't decide between something modern and bright and something vintage. So tricky...

    Love the second picture though.

    Hope you're doing well lady, can't wait to see how that bump is coming along xx


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