the bump : 31 weeks

posted on: Thursday, November 3, 2011

the baby space bump at 31 weeks and three days.

What age do you think is the right age to have a baby?

I've been pregnant in my teens, 20s and now my 30s and though I'm yet to have my dream birth I've been so lucky to have been healthy each time. I've heard some mamas mention that they have less energy as they get older however I've found that for the most part I've felt better (although, maybe ask me again after I've had the baby!).

But it's a very personal decision isn't it? So when do you think would be the best age for you to have a wee one? Or if you've already had your kiddos, at what age did you feel the timing was right? I'd love to hear!


  1. I had babies in my thirties and a late one accidentally after the big 4.o. when it's supposed to be more difficult to fall pregnant. Ha! Although I would love to have had the energy of my twenties, I would not have been a good mama then, in my thirties I found them exhausting but delightful and now in my forties I have had the easiest time of all. I'm only tired from my other late night hobbies- doing this and making stuff. It's the right time when you want it to be and you love doing it.

  2. I had my two oldest kids in my teens and my little one in my late thirties. When it comes to how I felt during my pregnancies, I felt the same, nauseous throughout the entire pregancy. This times I was able to get medication for the nausea while in my teens I just threw up every day! Lovely! I was tired all the time and barely slept.

    You look great!

  3. You are looking just so beautiful!

    Good question! And I have no idea :)

    I had my son (our first) when I was 27, & I guess the age didn't so much matter compared to where we were at in our relationship. I feel like our son came along when we were at the best our relationship had been, & therefore it felt right.

    Babies are amazing, but challenging, & in those first few weeks (& months) there are so many ways they test your relationship. Thankfully, mine was strong :)

    I don't think I could have pulled Motherhood off so well if I'd not had the amazing support of my husband :)

    Good luck on the remainder of your journey, your family must be SO excited!


  4. i'm 28 and still haven't felt ready to have kids, and we've been married for awhile! not sure when i will....hopefully soon :)

  5. Bron, you're looking fabulous and gorgeous.

    Enjoy this baby! You'll have lots of help. You'll find this one will be the best experience because you're used to it now.

    I really only felt relaxed once I had my third. I thought, 'well, if I can do it twice, then the third time can't be tha hard'.

    Can't wait to meet him/her!

  6. I am 26 now and starting to feel 'ready' - but i think there will always be a reason why we aren't ready! a lot of my friends have kiddies and have loved being young mums! I guess you get ready pretty quickly when you actually have to become a parent! haha!

    Kel xx

    p.s - you are looking gorgeous!

  7. I love seeing your bump shots, you're such a glowing mama to be!! I always thought I'd be an older Mum but got married fairly young which changed that. Glad to hear you're feeling well and have lots of energy - make the most of it now before those final weeks :) Big hugs x

  8. Wow, you are just glowing and beautiful Bron. I was reading all the other comments and must agree with them all, that having a baby at the best age is really whenever. lol. My parents were in their 40s and 50s when they had my sister and I. It was a childhood where fear that our 'older' parents might die sooner than the other parents permeated our thoughts occasionally (which did come true when I was 19). Having said that, because my parents were older, I find it strange when I see people having kids in their 20s! lol. The thing I learned was, as soon as you accept that it's no longer all about you, that you have this little one who depends on you, you begin to love and accept your role as parent. And for me, it's an honour and genuine pleasure to be spit on, change diapers and watch my girl grow happily and hope I do the best job possible.

  9. I was 30 and 33 with the girls... not sure I can say I was ready at 30 I wanted kids earlier but it took nearly 2 years to get pregnant with Stella. I guess you are whenever you are blessed with a child IS the right time. ;0)
    That said 2nd time was HARDER for me than the first...

  10. such a beautiful portrait!
    Truly blessed you are!

  11. I had my girls at 25, 27 and 29 years. This time/age was great for us as we were "ready" to have a family, had lots of energy and felt young. How that has changed after 3 kids!! Our decision was influenced by having young parents ourselves and also our siblings were also having children. This has resulted in 12 cousins all under 6. I don't think there is ever a perfect age and it appears that whatever age you are "people" still feel the need to judge your decision!
    Best of luck with your new addition.

  12. I always imagined I'd have babies when I was in my mid twenties...but life had other plans for me. And it was better that I waited and met the man of my dreams. So early thirties it is for me. And it's perfect (for me). I really believe that it doesn't really matter when a woman has a baby...there are positives and negatives to both. Very cute baby bump!

  13. you look GREAT! i started having children in my thirties and that was definitely the right age for me- i think it will vary from person to person and each one's lifestyle. xx

  14. I had my son last year, at 21. I always planned to have babies in my mid-twenties but it was a shock to be pregnant when I was 20. I loved being pregnant, although the negative attention from complete strangers I found to be tiring and irritating. I love being a young mum, my own mother and father were in their 20s when I was born, it just means I will have my 40s to be a free agent!

  15. Love hearing your variety of opinions!

    Annie -- I am with you that these hobbies can be so much more tiring than the wee ones. But they keep us sane, right ;)

    Mrs Collins -- so cool that you were able to treat your nausea this time round.

    Cherie -- I agree that especially these days it has a lot to do with being the right time in the relationship. Is it just me or do women seem ready so much earlier than men for the most part?

    Krystal -- well there's no rush right? We didn't have much time alone as couple together before we had the preschooler, guess we'll have our time when they're all grown. (In many, many years. Gulp.)

    Carmel -- I think you're right. I'm learning so much from the older two. #3 is lucky to be getting a 'trained-up' mama. he he.

    Kel -- it's true that you just jump on board once it's happening :)

    Amanda -- that's cool that your hubby was on board with earlier -- can't wait to see Sophie grow on your blog.

    Chantale -- my dad was an older dad back when NO ONE (that I knew) had older parents. Am so lucky he's been around to be with all the grandkids. I def don't take that for granted. I agree it's an honour!

    Marla -- I was 29 when the preschooler was born and will be 33 when the new baby comes along :) same, same ;)

    LNM -- thank you!

    potts family -- that does sound great to have the siblings in 'playing age' of each other. And they must LOVE having the cousins to play with?

    Nicole -- I agree there are + and - to both. You are one radiant mama to be!

    Stacey -- so glad you dropped by and congrats on your newest sweetie pie :)

    Ruby May -- For sure you will have your own life back sooner rather than later. I used to get some negative attention as a young mum too, which is such a shame. Mostly people think the teen is my brother!

  16. Look at that fantastic bump! Beautiful, completely beautiful! Xx

  17. You look great! Only a few more weeks to go :)


  18. you look gorgeous, Bron!

    I'm not sure it's about age - just a willingness to accept change, ability to adapt... and of course, love. It must be wonderful to experience pregnancy, birth and motherhood at three very different stages in your life. x


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