the bump : 29 weeks

posted on: Friday, October 21, 2011

the baby space bump at 29 weeks and two days. photos by the baby space man while we were away on our annual families beach camping bonanza.

What would your dream birthing experience be like? Ever since my first pregnancy I've found the idea of water birth appealing. I think I must have read about it being a lovely gentle way for a wee bub to transition from it's floaty water home into the dry air world.

However I'm yet to actually have a water birth. Maybe it will be third time lucky? :)

Did you have a positive birth experience? What would your ideal birth be like? I'd love to hear.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. It might sound a bit weird, but early in my pregnancy I dreamed of giving birth at night out under the stars on my hubby's family farm. He was cool with it, but my midwife wouldn't even contemplate it :0( My actual birth experience was a million miles away from the dream, but none the less magical x

  2. Wow, you are getting so close! Beautiful bump:)
    My birth with Veronica was natural because she came too fast to get an epidural, but looking back, I am so happy I got to have that experience. It was pretty cool!

  3. That's it! I need to take a photo of my bump this weekend. Poor neglected bump. I've been too busy with uni work but I'm handing in my last assignment today and the next 19 weeks is going to be all about the bump.

  4. you know my water birth story but I'll tell you what I tell all my students: visualise yourself birthing your baby in the exact way that he/she will enter the world. Just keep visualising. x

  5. Good luck! :) I had a beautiful water birth and blogged about it here

  6. I had a cesarean the first time around and for this time I am planning a completely natural birth although still in the hospital. Water birth was a big dream of mine as well, but they don't allow them in Hong Kong. I am a bit scared for this delivery after a cesarean but I want to have the chance to experience's just days (or hours) away and I am feeling very anxious to meet my little guy.

  7. You look gorgeous - and you've really popped!

    I planned a natural water birth but Eulalie had other plans... hopefully next time! x

  8. You look divine! Gosh, I just love baby bumps, they're just the most beautiful thing!

    For my next pregnancy {my husband & I are in our first trimester with twins - we're waiting to announce at our son's 1st birthday, I'll be 16 weeks - very exciting!} ... anyway for this pregnancy, I ABSOLUTELY want a water birth.

    When I laboured with my son, all I honestly wanted was to be in water, cold cold water, haha.

    I hope I can make a water birth a reality for this delivery :)

    Good luck on the rest of your journey xx

  9. @ Max - Love the sound of your dream :)

    @ Amanda - you def should. Then you blog about it!!

    @ Anna - thanks lovely.

    @ Jodi & Rebekah - Your stories are so inspirational! Well, all birth stories are but it's encouraging to hear my 'dream' scenarios :)

    @ Mariella - sending you my best vibes for a beautiful birth.

    @ Claire - I really loved your post about birth feelings. I must come back to this topic one day in some form or another.

    @ Cherie - congratulations on your twins!! Hope you experience a wonderful birth too :)

  10. Bron I loved coming to visit ur blog and be greeted by beauitful images of ur bump. I'm 28 weeks pregnant with my third too and am thinking about a water birth third time lucky! I just didn't feel like it with the other two. My second birth story is here beautiful and traumatic x

  11. Is there any perfect birth story? Keep an open mind and you won't be disappointed. Good luck with the water birth- it sounds like you want to try it.

  12. I think the water thing could be good too....i've heard people say that its way better!

  13. Lookin' good girl! Enjoy these next few weeks before the clock really starts tickin'!

  14. One of my friends had a water birth and she really enjoyed it. You look super adorable. Kisses

  15. I know hospital births have a really bad rep, but I mine was great. I didn't really have any specific idea in my head of what I wanted. I just wanted her to come and I wanted to meet her, and I wanted her to be healthy.

    I hope your birth experience is peaceful and the baby is happy and healthy.

    You look lovely.

  16. Looking fabulous, Bron! No birthing experiences here to speak of :D

  17. I'm loving the idea of a water birth too lady. And inspiring is Jodi, and all her advice. Just keep visualising. Fingers crossed we both get to experience it the way we dream.
    The bump is looking a-maz-ing. Popped again, I think. Can you believe we're nearly at 30 weeks now? Not long to go.... xxx

  18. i am yet to birth anything but when i do get pregnant i would love to have a water birth. a lot of my friends have kiddies and some of the most positive birth stories i have heard from them have been water births...

    getting close now - eek! how exciting!

  19. I had an amazing waterbirth with my first one and I'm hoping to have another homebirth this time round too. But, you know, I reckon it's best just to go with the flow...because birth definitely can't be controlled. My sister just had her third baby, first waterbirth and she was really happy with how peaceful and intimate it was...and easier on the perineum than a landbirth. Goodluck as you journey into the unknown...


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