the bump : 27 weeks

posted on: Friday, October 7, 2011

the baby space bump. photo by the baby space bestie/godmum.

As terrific as I've been feeling, third trimester seems to have hit with a vengeance. I'm sleepy, hungry, emotional and have slowed down to a snail's pace. My back has started pinching and pretty much all I want to do is sit on the couch and watch DVDs. Or sleep. Yep, I'm loads of fun ;)

Just before these symptoms settled in I managed to dash up the coast for a weekend away with some of my best pals. There was one sunny day and we all ran down to the sand to soak up the rays before hiding out in the rainy beach house. We had long girly chats, ate lots of yummy food and I managed to talk them into playing my favourite board game (it's the baby space family fave).

The bump kind of looks like it's shrunk in this picture but believe me, it hasn't. The wee thing has been as energetic as ever; throwing strong kicks and shimmies all around my belly. The older two had nothing on this one's dancing -- a little karate kid we have here, I think.

Have a wonderful weekend lovelies!

p.s We've added a little store to baby space where you can grab your own game or any number of fun toys or books as recommended by us. It's an Amazon US store so it may suit US readers best, but of course there's always international shipping too if you're keen :)


  1. i was just about to comment on the shrinking belly! ;) i remember how tired i became during the 3 trimester. but with carrying all the extra weight, it's no surprise. but the kicking, that only got better. oh how i loved watching my baby wriggle in my belly! magic times!
    big bisous xx

  2. ps: the shop is a great idea. i like it!

  3. Cute beach bump. Love the kaftan (?)


    I could look at baby bumps, & baby nurseries all day.

    Possibly why I keep popping into your beautiful blog :)

    Enjoy the rest of the karate-kicking journey :)


  5. How nice you were able to get away for a little pre-baby girly break. Love your photo. As for resting, I say go with what your body is telling you - rest up all you can and take it easy x

  6. You look oh-so beautiful in this photo. Wish you a relaxing weekend, my dear. Kisses

  7. Oh Bron, it's getting exciting now. How glorious to escape with your girlfriends like that. J x

  8. You look great! I cant believe you're already 27 weeks!

  9. TF -- thanks for the thumbs up for the shop. It's fun filling it with stuff we love/would love.

    oscarlucinda -- it's a Witchery shirt dress I picked up at Vinnies. Perfect for beach bumping :)

  10. Ooh, great idea to the store! You're looking lovely as ever. Down to the wire.. listen to your body. Sleep. Relax. Do nothing. : )

  11. can you stop being so gorgeous, please? ;)

  12. aw, that picture is so pretty :)

  13. You look gorgeous, what a lovely picture & exciting, 3rd baby. Love Posie

  14. I know - that last trimester drags on for years. And you seem to have entered it early?

    That board game looks a bit like a video game that has been retrofied?

    Stay well. You look gorgeous.

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