room for kids : metallic glam

posted on: Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's a new space from Nicole at Little Liberty!

Sometimes you get a client who is happy with your vision and gives you the complete go ahead -- my favourite type. I also had a big budget for this room, which didn't hurt.

I loved putting this room together as there were no boundaries and I was really able to create something special. The moose head gave a different dimension to the room and the wallpaper really brought the whole look together in a subtle way. The decorative accents also gave life to the space.

Glamorous, French-inspired with silver accents.

who lives here?
A very stylish nine-going-on-nineteen year-old!

The colour and texture combinations were chosen to be rich with sparkly silver accents -- sequins, a black velvet bed and splashes of silky magenta. The back wall has been papered with a shimmery textured silver wallpaper. Here is a picture up close:

I had the bed head custom made and it turned out beautifully -- exactly how I had envisioned it. I also love the glamorous desk and chair I found. My little client can enjoy the room even when she is doing her homework (or should I say doing her Facebooking!).

best buys
My best buys were the super cute owls on the floating shelves, I found them in Bed Bath and Table -- they were just $29.90 AUD for the set.

nicole's fave
There are so many! The silver pouffes, the silver trim bedding and accessories for the bed... and I really love the moose head.

top tip
Creating this look can be expensive. I think if you don't have the budget to go all out it can look a little tacky, there is a fine line. So if you want to do this on a budget just make sure you keep it simple and don't go too overboard.


  1. This is for a 9 year old? Dang. It must have been fun to decorate this room, but personally I like my kid's room to look like a child sleeps in it, not a 19 year old :/ But its whatever the client wants right ;)


  2. Beautiful selection of decorative accents here. My ten year old daughter would love this too. She has "grown up" taste too!

  3. LOVE the owls and the cute cushions!!!
    And, how are you feeling??

  4. Cool;) I assume that there comes still all the persomal stuff so I think that it looks great base for a nine year old girls room!


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