room for baby : vintage pink

posted on: Friday, September 16, 2011

Mama-to-be, Sarah, loves that the nursery feels, "light and airy, but is still eclectic and personal. Everything in the room has a special meaning or came from someone with love".

Details like the little yellow lamb trio thrifted by Sarah in Berryville, Arkansas, add kitsch cuteness to the space. They'll also be a special reminder of her pregnancy as she was asked when she was due (for the first time!) while buying them.

Vintage night light cats that once belonged to Sarah's mother-in-law look over the changing station.

"The two hanging pictures are both designed by friends. One is our silk-screened wedding invitation (above) and the other is the artwork from my recent baby shower invitation."

Sarah's favourite toys for her wee one are the Sophie Giraffe teether and Blabla bunny (above).

A baby bag from Mini Boden and sweet vintage dresses hang in the ready for Iris Adella.

Playful powder puff pink meets vintage. Sarah has been collecting thrifted treasures for years so when it came to decorating the nursery she was able to draw from her much-loved stash of vintage goodies.

who lives here?
Iris Adella will. She's due on to be born on October 12th, 2011 in Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA.

"I’ve been collecting vintage for years, so most all of the décor was found at resale shops and flea markets over time. The red Razorback stuffed animal that sits on the dresser is no exception. It’s the team mascot of the University of Arkansas. As (my husband and I are) graduates, we’re avid fans and hope that our little girl will be too!"

"We used a pale pink paint called April Love from Lowes."

"The crib, tall dresser, and changing station are a lifetime set by Little MissMatched from Toys 'R' Us. The crib turns into a toddler bed and then a full size bed, while the changing station turns into a desk and a bedside table for when she’s older. The white shelves are from Lowes."

"We got a little crafty with the décor. One of my best friends made the pennant flags out of vintage fabric and I made the hanging tissue poms, as well as the flowers in the vintage soda bottle out of paper and twigs. "

best buys
"The floral vintage rocking chair was only $50 USD off of Craigslist -- for two of them!"

top tips
"If you plan to go the vintage route, it’s good to start collecting early. Many of the items displayed I’ve had for years. I think that it makes the space that much more special when there’s a story behind the décor. You also have to be careful to not over do it -- make sure that it still feels like a nursery, not a thrift store."

Thank you so much Sarah for sharing your space with baby space!


  1. I absolutely love the vintage feel. and the little dresses are so adorable!!

  2. This is a beautiful room with a lovely feel. Lucky bubba! x

  3. I love this old style for vintage bedrooms!
    You should check out my Matyroshka dolls that I make my Facebook page is called Tarino Bambino Design!

  4. I love her integration of pink throughout the room and how its mixed with other hues. gorgeous!

  5. I likey! And you have reminded me I need to put Fern's bunting back up on the wall! Can there EVER be too much pink, I ask you?! x

  6. that is really pretty...i love all of the decor elements though, it makes it vintagey :)

  7. I have such a soft spot for pink rooms. I know so many think it might be passé and not 'modern' enough but it's such a happy colour. This room is just beautiful. Not overly sacharin with enough vintage pieces to look so cool. Love it.

  8. I love the Arkansas Razorback :)... The red piggy with the A on the side....


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